Ricercatori al lavoro

The Platforms are coordination tools for communicating, promoting, and enhancing the skills, services, products, and infrastructures available within the university and its ecosystem, which also includes its operating and subsidiaries entities. They connect PoliTO ecosystem with the public and private stakeholders interested in research and innovation activities in partnership with Politecnico.

The main goal of the Platforms is to increase collaborations with companies and public authorities, encouraging understanding of what the diverse components of Politecnico and its ecosystem can offer and how a potential collaboration can be activated and made operational. Their purpose, furthermore, is to gather needs and requirements coming from the world beyond the university and to address them within it, stimulating a comprehensive response by the departments specialising in various sectors of applied research.

The Platforms thus represent a sort of “containers”, actively serving the region's economic network, where public and private bodies may find a response to their innovation needs and encounter the wealth of Politecnico di Torino’s research activities and technology transfer.

Based on the needs emerging from the current socio-economic context, Politecnico identified six strategic areas for developing its Platforms: