PoliTO for Society

Polito per il sociale

PoliTO for Society (“PoliTO per il Sociale”) is a planning initiative on public outreach with a social impact.

PoliTO for Society explores and promotes forms of research-action that, with a transformative intent, are engaged in co-designing new models of sustainable, equal, and inclusive social development and in removing barriers - whether cultural, cognitive, physical, economic, or social - to people's full participation in the life of communities.

The project is intended to represent PoliTO responsible attitude and to highlight its skills and expertise in the social context among citizens, social organisations, and social enterprises.

To achieve these goals, PoliTO for Social good is concerned with:

  • registering, supplementing, and organising the set of social impact initiatives undertaken by the polytechnic community, and supporting new projects emerging from a dialogue with the local society;
  • giving visibility to those in the University who work for social development, cohesion, and inclusion, encouraging dissemination and training, the meeting of demand and supply, and the discussion of initiatives and results;
  • contributing to the construction of a collective identity that brings recognition to the action of the polytechnic community in the different spheres of action;
  • sizing and representing the impact of the various initiatives
  • encouraging the interdisciplinary co-design of actions on different scales and types of intervention;
  • creating products, systems, and services for social innovation, business models, strategic and operational guidance toolsmethodologies for extracting and displaying data and knowledge, and multi-disciplinary and inter-sector laboratories
  • promoting new courses and training paths, whether university ones or not;
  • promoting participation in competitive tenders on issues of advocacy and participatory social development;
  • joining transnational networks on issues of expertise.


To contact PoliTO for Society Center, write to: