Collaboration with the Library System

The Special Needs Unit and the Library System have established a partnership to increase accessibility to the University's services and library heritage.

Here are the active projects    

 - Book lending increased by 30%   

There will be a 30% increase in the length of the loan period to allow people supported by the Special Needs Unit greater use of the service.

If interested, send a ticket to the Special Needs Unit with the subject: "request for activation of 30% increased loan".

The Unit will verify the request and transmit the data required to activate the service to the Library System. 

 - Accreditation of the Athenaeum to guarantee "adapted reading" 

As of July 2022, the Athenaeum has been included in the list of "Authorised Entities" to transform printed texts into "works in accessible format", in order to meet the needs of adapted reading for people with Special Needs followed by our Unit.

Normative references: 

EU Directive 2017/1564,
art. 71-bis, paragraph 2-bis of Law No. 633/1941 (in force from 26/05/2019)
Art. 1 of the Prime Ministerial Decree of 6 July 2020

If interested, send a ticket to the Special Needs Unit, indicating the details of the work whose conversion is requested in .pdf format.

The Unit will check the request and send the Library System the data needed to activate the service. 

 - Software for converting files into accessible formats: SensusAccess.

 The library system has equipped itself with SENSUS ACCESS software, a reading aid software that allows electronic documents and web pages to be converted into a range of alternative, accessible formats.  

The application can be used by all parts of the University (student, teaching, technical and administrative staff): for more details see the dedicated page.