Halls of Residence

If you live far from Politecnico or you are a foreign student enrolled in Politecnico and need accommodation to enable you to attend the courses, you have the possibility of being housed in public university residences managed by EDISU, the regional institution for the right to university education. 

In these facilities, places are assigned by competition, based on income and merit requirements.

Briefly, the place is part of a scholarship that provides the winning students with a bed (single or double room ) in one of the residences managed by Edisu or, once the beds are finished, a cash contribution that corresponds to the value of the Edisu bed (the contribution is against the exhibition of a regular rental contract).


You can also contact the Residenza Carlo Mollino and the Residenza Cesare Codegone that belong to Politecnico but are managed by a third party that set the prices and, under particular circumstances, may reduce it.


Another option is Collegio Universitario Renato Einaudi, in whose Board of Governors Politecnico is represented as Institutional Founder.

One enters the College on the basis of merit rankings and maintains a place according to certain academic merit requirements; here, too, it is possible to enjoy tuition reductions and scholarships.

Politecnico di Torino has entered into agreements with a number of operators in the area to provide housing services to its international students.

Under these agreements, exchange students will be able to take advantage of a priority reservation, for a limited period of time, of a portion of the accommodations managed by the individual operators, while other students will be able to freely access and consult the offers on the portals. For more information you may find it useful to visit this page.

Another option is Camplus Bernini, a college of merit of the CEUR Foundation. Thanks to a collaboration agreement with Politecnico, Camplus Bernini supports university hospitality, developing innovative training courses, promoting up-to-date research tools and methods and supporting students in their post-graduate path.

Camplus Bernini facilities and network residences are also open to visiting professors, Italian and foreign students from specific PoliTO educational projects, researchers, conferences participants. They are also available for meetings, seminar and lectures.

We also point you to the websites of two public organizations that serve our area with the specific mission of dealing with the university sphere, which publish and update lists of accommodations for university students: the Osservatorio Regionale and Study in Turin.