Students with a foreign qualification - Master's degree programmes

If you own a foreign qualification and would like to apply for a Master’s degree programme at Politecnico di Torino, please follow these instructions

SELECT up to two different MSc programs (in order of preference) in one of the 2 available calls.

In case you selected just one MSc program, you cannot add another one after submitting the application 

Students with a foreign qualification

In order to be eligible to apply, you need to:

  • hold a Bachelor degree (level 6 EQF) or equivalent academic qualification (see below) awarded by an accredited foreign university obtained after at least 15 years of previous education(primary and secondary plus university).

Students with “equivalent academic qualification” are those enrolled in a foreign university in 5 or 6-year - i.e. single cycle degree combined Bachelor and Master program - who have not graduated yet but meet the minimum requirement of 15 years of global schooling (minimum 3 years at University level) and have acquired at least 180 ECTS credits or equivalent (pre-university or preparatory years are not counted in the achieved credits or years)

  • meet curricular and quality requirements of the MS program you want to apply for.  An Academic Commission will verify the adequacy of personal preparation and consistency between the selected degree programs and the previous university career. Please check the requirements for each program  (144.50 kB).

Check the instructions on how to apply on Apply@Polito!


Programs in Italian or partially in Italian/English English level B2 or higher + Italian level B1 or higher 
Programs in English English level B2 or higher 
Check the TABLE for each course's requirements 


The accepted certificates for the Italian language and cases of exemption are listed HERE 


Table of 23/09/2019 updated on 22/12/2022



IELTS Academic 5.5
IELTS General Training
IELTS Indicator
IELTS Academic Online
Pearson Test of English Academic  59 


TOEFL iBT ≥72 
TOEFL iBT Home Edition
TOEFL iBT Paper Edition

Listening: 400 Reading: 385

Speaking: 160 Writing: 150

TOEIC on line

Cambridge Assessment English

formerly known as:
Cambridge English Language Assessment     

All certificates* Cambridge English Scale score ≥160
Cambridge English: PRELIMINARY (PET)
obtained before 2016 
Pass with Distinction (≥90)
Statement of Results is required
Cambridge English: FIRST (FCE)
obtained before January 2015 
Statement of Results is required
Cambridge English ADVANCED/CAE
obtained before 2015
Any score
Cambridge English: PROFICIENCY/CPE
obtained before January 2015
Any score

*B1 Preliminary - B1 Business Preliminary - B2 First - B2 Business Vantage - C1 Advanced - C1 Business Higher - C2 Proficiency

English language certificate - Cases of exemption

Academic year 2023/24:

  • IB Diploma (International Baccalaureate only in case the entire path is taught in English, except foreign languages;
  • Titles awarded by the European schools included in the Procedures for entry, residency and enrolment of international students and the respective recognition of qualifications, for higher education courses in Italy - Attachment 2*, only if the first language (L1) is English;
  • Non-Italian qualification recognized by the Italian Ministry of University and Research as equivalent to the Italian high school diploma (diploma di maturità), or university degree awarded by a school/university in which the medium of instruction is English and issued by USA, UK, Canada, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand, wherever the school/ university is located.
  • Non-Italian qualification recognized by the Italian Ministry of University and Research as equivalent to the Italian high school diploma (diploma di maturità), or university degree awarded by a school/university in which the medium of instruction is English, only if based in one of the countries listed in Attachment A

WARNING! If you need to apply for study visa please also verify the information concerning language certificates published at the pre-enrolment section


Enter your personal information exactly as presented in your passport. It may take you approximately 20 minutes to complete the application form. There is no time limit to fill it in and it can be completed in multiple sessions.

Log in the application with username and password received by email. If you don’t receive the email, please double-check in your junk folder

  • Passport *. Other I.D. are accepted only for EU students*
  • Residence permit* (only for Non EU citizens living in Italy)
  • Curriculum Vitae*
  • Bachelor Degree (level 6 EQF) certificate OR official university document stating provisional date of graduation* (if not graduated yet)
  • Official Transcript of Records* 
  • Syllabus/Course description (check specific requirements per program HERE and see documents format and samples below)
  • Portfolio (check Specific requirements per program HERE and see documents format below)
  • English/Italian Language Certificate* (check specific requirements per program HERE
  • Declaration of Value of Bachelor Degree or Statement of Comparability issued by the Italian ENIC-NARIC centre - CIMEA (if available but compulsory for enrolment)
  • Self-certification of enrolment in another Italian university (if currently enrolled) with exams passed
  • Other Document (max one)

(*): Compulsory document 


Documents must be on letterhead stamped and signed by the issuing Institution. Electronic-signed documents may be accepted only in case they are verifiable online through QR code or verification link.

Documents issued in Italian, English, French, Spanish are accepted. In case your documents are in other languages, please merge together both the original version AND the official translation in Italian or English and attach the merged document.

  • Passport or other I.D.: I.D. is acceptable only in Latin alphabet, if not please provide official Italian/English translation 
  • Curriculum Vitae: any format you have is fine
  • Bachelor degree certificate (level 6 EQF), in case you don't hold it yet please attach an official document issued by your current university stating provisional date of graduation or an updated version of your Transcript of Records
  • Transcript of records scanned front and back: it’s a document issued by your current university listing all the exams taken. It MUST also include info on the applied grading (minimum and maximum grade, final grade, GPA/CGPA) and credit system. In case it does not, please attach an official declaration of your current university Registrar Office stating those required info. In case you have not graduated yet, you can attach the most updated version
  • Syllabus/Course description: it’s a document issued by the university that you have attended that describes in details the content of each subject you studied.  PDF-FORMAT syllabus downloadable from the official university website can be also accepted: in this case please be sure that the link you provide us with works properly. Please notice that we cannot accept links or documents downloaded directly from the website of the agency/ public authority in charge of accrediting courses and syllabuses (i.e. HEC in Pakistan).
  • Portfolio: it’s a document including samples of work from your Bachelor degree. Please check specific requirements: 







  • English/Italian Language Certificate (check specific requirements per program HERE) or, in case of valid exemption, official statement issued by the school/university in which it is stated that the Medium of instruction is English.
  • Declaration of Value or CIMEA's Statement of Comparability: it is an informative document describing the qualification awarded to a given person by an institution belonging to an education system other than the Italian system. It is usually issued by the Italian Embassy in the country where the qualification was awarded. It's not compulsory for the online application but it's necessary in case of enrolment 
  • Other Document: any additional document that you think could help the Academic Commission to fully evaluate your profile as a potential student (recommendation or motivation letter, relevant training/ internship certificate or relevant work experience report, etc.)

NB: we don't require hard copies at this stage: you can directly upload the documents' files (pdf - recommended or jpeg, png) in your online application. You don't have to send any document by post. 

A.Y. 2023/24
I Call 
DECEMBER 23rd, 2022 FEBRUARY 1st, 2023
at 2 p.m.
Italy Time: Central European Time (CET)
alle 14 ora italiana
APRIL 12th, 2023 CALL CLOSED for all candidates with non-Italian educational qualification 
A.Y. 2023/24
II Call
MARCH 9th, 2023
at 2 p.m.
Italy Time: Central European Time (CET)
APRIL 6th, 2023
at 2 p.m.
Italy Time: Central European Time (CET)
JUNE 13th, 2023 CALL CLOSED for all candidates with non-Italian educational qualification 
A.Y. 2022/23*
at 2 p.m Italy Time: Central European Time (CET)
at 2 p.m Italy Time: Central European Time (CET)




Only for:

- all Engineering MSc programs
- MSc in Systemic Design
- MSc in Territorial, urban, environmental and landscape planning
- MSc in Digital skills for sustainable societal transitions
Online pre-enrolment for visa applicants (see paragraph) within 31/07/2023


* Contact us through Ticketing if you are interested in applying for this call

Students and graduates from Politecnico di Torino 

(with username and password)

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PAY the non-refundable application fee € 20 on-line via credit card (VISA, MasterCard)

CONFIRM the SUBMISSION of the application by clicking on the CONTINUE button.


After clicking the SUBMIT button of your online application, you will receive a confirmation message by email.

Now, just relax and wait for the evaluation!


The Academic Commission evaluates your application and your academic qualifications to verify that you meet Politecnico di Torino entry requirements in terms of academic quality and coherence of curriculum for the specific program you have chosen.  Evaluation is done in two phases:

  1. the Incoming Mobility office verifies that you meet the admission requirements and that you attached all the required documents 
  2. the Academic Commission evaluates quality and curricular requirements


You can check your evaluation outcome under section EVALUATION of your APPLY personal page. Once your EVALUATION section is updated you get an automatic notification email, so you don’t miss any updates!

Results will be available within:

  • APRIL 12th, 2023 for I call applicants - a.y. 2023/24 
  • JUNE 13th, 2023 for II call applicants - a.y. 2023/24 


At the end of the evaluation process, your application will be marked as:

  • Eligible: CONGRATS! You are eligible to access Politecnico di Torino academic program you have chosen! Be reminded that you must hand all the required academic documents in original upon enrollment.
  • Conditional offer of admission: CONGRATS! You are eligible to access Politecnico di Torino academic program you have chosen, but you still have to graduate from your BSc program. That's why you can get only a conditional admission offer.
  • Not eligible - you don't meet the admission requirements: your application didn't pass the 1st step of evaluation. Please note that in case of missing documents or not complying with format requirements, you will not have the possibility to upload new documents or change the uploaded ones at this stage of the evaluation or in the next call during the same academic year. You may apply again next year.
  • Not eligible - you don't meet the curricular and/or academic requirements: the Academic Commission decided that you are not suitable for the academic program you have chosen. Therefore, you could not get admitted in any MSc program in this academic year. You may apply again next year.


If you are Eligible:

  • please download your Confirmation of Eligibility letter (available in April) directly from section MAIN of your Apply personal page. Please be aware that this offer is valid only for the enrolment in the academic year you applied for; therefore it is not possible to defer your admission. 
  • if you are a Non-EU applicant living outside Italy, you can upload the Confirmation of Eligibility letter in your pre-enrolment application to be done online through Universitaly portal. The pre-enrolment application is required to apply for study visa.
  • please confirm your intention to enroll in the chosen program directly on your Apply personal page, under section MAIN roughly within June 31st 2023. 
  • You don't have to send any document by post.


Further info about your admission will be published under section MAIN of your APPLY personal page

info available soon


info available soon

The Pre-enrolment procedure applies to all Non-EU applicants living outside Italy who need a study visa type-D to enter Italy for enrollment in an Italian University. If you fall under this category (you can check here), along with your application to Politecnico di Torino, you MUST also submit a pre-enrolment application on-line through the UNIVERSITALY portal.


All information on how to complete the pre-enrolment application is available in the Universitaly portal. 


  • Enter your personal information exactly as in your passport
  • Enter the Politecnico di Torino Username (FXXXXXX) in step B
  • Select the program you have been admitted to (Warning: you may not find the English taught program in the Universitaly menu. Please consider as official the language of instruction reported in the Confirmation of Eligibility letter and official academic offer)
  • Upload the Confirmation of Eligibility letter available (around April) in MAIN section of your PoliTO application; if you forget it don't worry, we will upload it during our validation
  • Attach the documents listed here and check with the diplomatic-consular Missions of reference if other documents are required.

The Declaration of Value/ CIMEA Statement of Comparability is not necessary at this stage but the diplomatic-consular Missions may need it for the visa application. To learn about CIMEA services for certification and verification of qualifications and request a Statement of Comparability please register on

Please be accurate in filling in the pre-enrolment application so that we can speed up the validation procedure.

The deadline to submit your universitaly applications is 31st July 2023.


We are going to validate your universitaly validation only if:

  1. you are ELIGIBLE for the Ms program selected as explained here
  2. you obtained the Bachelor's degree required for admission


Once the pre-enrolment application is validated by PoliTO you should promptly arrange for a visa application for study purposes at the diplomatic-consular Missions of reference in your country of residence (part IV English version available soon). This visa is necessary to enter Italy and complete the enrolment procedure. Please note that Unitalia Association can assist you in the pre-enrolment and visa application process, you may refer to Uni-Italia Center in your country if available.

WARNING! Requirements for visa release (such as language requirements) at the Italian Embassy in your country might differ from PoliTO’s requirements. It is your responsibility to comply with both the Embassy and PoliTO’s requirements.

In case your study visa is denied, you cannot complete the enrolment procedure at Politecnico di Torino.


  • the pre-enrollment application is the first step for the issuing of study visa type-D. The “Confirmation of eligibility letter” given by Politecnico does not replace in any case the official pre-enrolment procedure which must be done only through the UNIVERSITALY portal
  • the preliminary acceptance by the university does not confer any right to obtain a visa
  • the subsequent pre-enrolment phases will be completed at the Diplomatic-consular missions for the purpose of obtaining the visa

Useful links:

info available soon


The Declaration of Value (DoV) is a document of transparency, written in Italian, that gives information on a specific qualification earned abroad and on its value in the issuing Country (the official character or otherwise of the issuing institution, requirements for access to the relevant study course, length of course, etc.). Such a Statement is produced by the foreign Italian diplomatic authorities (Embassies, Consulates) of territorial reference: territorial reference is defined as the Italian diplomatic authority closest to the city where the institution that awarded the qualification is located. All the documents to be presented in order to obtain the Statement of Validity must be requested at the relevant Italian diplomatic authority for the release of the same (Embassies/Consulates).

CIMEA – "Diplome" service

Politecnico di Torino is partner of CIMEA - the official Italian ENIC-NARIC Centre. CIMEA uses the "Diplome" service to issue its Statement of Comparability and/or Statement of Verification making use of blockchain technology applied to the recognition of qualifications.

By Comparability we mean the identification of the level of the foreign degree with reference to the cycles of the Bologna Process and the levels of the European Qualifications Framework.

Through the Verification service it is possible to ask CIMEA to certify that an Italian or foreign qualification of the Higher Education or secondary school system has actually been issued to the owner by an official body in the system of reference. In the case of positive feedback, CIMEA experts will produce a Statement of Verification referring to the qualification which has been verified.

CIMEA's Statement of Comparability/Verification will be uploaded to the digital "Wallet" of qualifications through the use of blockchain technology, thereby making this digital document transparent, transferable, certified and unchangeable.

To learn about the details of the service and request a Statement of Comparability, please register on


European Countries that have adhered to the “Bologna Process” have also committed to produce, alongside their own higher education qualifications, an extra document known as the Diploma Supplement (DS). The DS is not a further qualification, but a particular certification produced following a template which was agreed upon by the three principal international organizations of European breadth (The Council of Europe, UNESCO – Europe region, European Union). The European DS model envisages that it be drafted in two or more languages (the national language of the Country in question and at least one commonly-spoken foreign language, such as English), and that it provides a whole list of very detailed information. The information is grouped into 8 categories, which run from the personal details of the qualification holder, to the level of the qualification itself, the curriculum (list of subjects and, if possible, their principal contents), the rights it bestows (utilization for further studies or in the workplace), to the type of issuing institution, and to an abbreviated description of the higher education system it belongs to.


Once the procedure is completed you will receive a confirmation message by email, if you don't receive it please check the SAVE AND SUBMIT section. Please be reminded that Politecnico di Torino will be able to process only applications successfully submitted.

  • It is possible to submit only one application (selecting maximum 2 MSc programs) in one of the 2 available calls
  • In case you selected just one MSc program, you cannot add another one after submitting the application 
  • In no case it is possible to modify the application (selected programs and/or documents attached) once the application has been submitted. For this reason, if you don't have all necessary documents, rather then submit an incomplete application we suggest you to apply in the II call.
  • Only complete applications with all the required documents, complying with the required format, can be considered for admission. It's your responsibility to submit complete and accurate applications. In case of issues with documents and/or required format, please contact our Office through Ticketing, to avoid submitting incomplete applications. Incomplete applications will be promptly rejected by Politecnico di Torino and the applicant won't be able to apply for any call for the 2023/24 a.y.  

Students and graduates from Politecnico di Torino 

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If you give false, copied or incomplete information, you will be promptly rejected and lose any chance to get admitted.