Non-EU citizens - renewal of the residence permit

If you are a non-EU citizen you can renew your residence permit from 30 days before its expiration date. It is strongly recommended to apply for the renewal before the deadline.

In order to collect the kit for the application submission and for support in filling out the application form, you can go to box n. 12 at the Department of International Affairs, where cultural mediators will assist you.

The service is upon appointment and it is free of charge.  You can also receive assistance at any Patronato office.

After filling out the application form with the help of the mediators, the application always has to be handed in at any post office where there is a “Sportello Amico” counter, within maximum 2/3 days.

The postal expenses amount to € 30,00. You will have to pay again the paying slip of € 70,46 for the issuing of the residence permit electronic card (the paying in slip is given by the cultural mediators at box n.11-12);

The Poste Italiane employer will check your passport (remember not to seal the envelope of the kit!) and will gives you a new receipt, with a new USER ID and PASSWORD that you always have to bring with you, until you receive your electronic residence permit.

You will be given again an appointment for going to the Immigration Office for being fingerprinted.


Please consider that after the fingerprints appointment it takes some months to collect the residence permit card at the Immigration Office.

1) 2 double-sided copies of the expiring/expired residence permit;

2) 2 copies of the page of your passport containing your personal data;

3) an "autocertificazione” (self declaration) attesting the enrolment in Politecnico di Torino, stating that you have passed at least one exam for the first residence permit renewal (and at least 2 exams for the following renewals). You can print it from your personal page on “Portale della Didattica”;

4) a € 16 duty stamp – you have to buy it at the Tobacconist’s (Tabacchi shop);

5) photocopy of a document proving that you dispose of sufficient income to earn your living during your stay in Italy. If you have a scholarship, you have to submit a copy of the letter issued by the scholarship awarding institution indicating the details of your grant. Otherwise you can submit a self-declaration available here (the sample is available here);

Otherwise you can submit a self-declaration (the fac-simile is available here);

6) the photocopy of the Health insurance receipt (it must cover you for the whole period of the residence permit renewal).

N.B. (the photocopy must be in A4 format)

According to the Directive from the Ministry of the Interior dated 5 August 2006, and its subsequent amendments, if you have applied for the renewal of your residence permit and you are awaiting the related evaluation, you can remain in the national territory with full associated rights (i.e., the "principle of continuity").

You can leave and re-enter in Italy under the following conditions:

  1. The departure and return must occur through the same border crossing point;
  2. The journey must not involve transit through other Schengen countries (in any case, when transiting through other countries, it is advisable to check with the Diplomatic Representation of the country you intend to transit through whether it is necessary to obtain an entry/transit visa based on your citizenship and current residence).
  3. You must present your passport or other valid identification document, the receipt attesting the submission of the residence permit renewal application and the original expired residence permit.

Please note that residence permit holders, as stipulated by Article 13, paragraph 4 of dpr_394_1999, must not interrupt their stay in Italy:

  • For a continuous period of more than six months for those holding an annual residence permit;
  • For a continuous period of 1 year for those holding a residence permits with a duration of at least two years;
  • For a continuous period exceeding half of the the validity period of the residence permit

unless the interruption is due to the need to fulfill military obligations or other serious and proven reasons. Failure to comply with these terms could result in the denial of re-entry into Italy and, consequently, in the renewal of the residence permit, for which the Politecnico di Torino has no responsibility or authority to intervene.


Those who do not respect these terms, could be denied the return to Italy and consequently the renewal of the residence permit with a measure on which the Polytechnic of Turin has no responsibility and opportunity to intervene. 

Before buying your ticket and leaving we suggest you ask for information to the Immigration Desk.