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Ven 13 Ott

Reply 2023 Cyber Security Challenge

Can you solve 25 security problems in 24 hours?

Test your security skills and join the Reply Cyber Security Challenge on Friday 13 October 2023 at 7:30pm CEST. Register on, form a team of up to four members no later than 12 October at 23.59pm CEST and get ready to take part in 24 hours of competitive fun.

The challenge is a 24-hour online team-based competition. The aim is to solve a total of 25 problems, divided into five categories proposed: Coding, Web, Binary, Crypto and Miscellaneous. The team that achieves the highest score by finding the 25 flags wins the challenge and each winning team member will receive a fantastic gaming laptop.

By playing, you can win a prize for your university, too. The final score that your team will get during the Cyber Security Challenge will be added to the University Leaderboard to win a cool Reply Arcade Game cabinet for the communal areas in your university or a financial donation to support an educational or research project.

The challenge is designed by Reply’s Keen Minds team, a group of Cyber Security experts who are passionate about security.

Reply invests heavily in the research of talent and continual learning. The Reply Cyber Security Challenge fits within Reply’s vast programme of initiatives designed to promote the culture of coding, with a particular focus on the younger generations.