Ven 16 Giu

Discovering Pirelli - Technical Functions & Operations

Pirelli ti aspetta in Ateneo per presentare le opportunità di inserimento e per partecipare a una prima fase di selezione di gruppo!

  • h14.30 - h15.15: Presentazione Pirelli & referenti aziendali
  • h15.15 - h16.15: Presentazione studenti
  • h16.15 - h16.30: Pausa
  • h16.30 - h17.30: Svolgimento business case
  • h17.30 - h18: Presentazione business case & conclusioni

L’evento è dedicato ai laureandi e laureati di magistrale di Ingegneria dell’Autoveicolo, Materiali, Chimica, Elettronica, Meccanica, Informatica, della Produzione e affini.

Iscriviti entro il 9 giugno!

N.B.: la lingua principale dell'evento sarà l'italiano. I selezionati saranno contattati direttamente dall'azienda per la partecipazione.


Founded in Milan in 1872, Pirelli is today one of the world's largest tyre manufacturers and the only one fully focused on the Consumer market, with products and services for cars, motorbikes, and bicycles. With a distinctive positioning at the high-end and at the top of the range - i.e., the “High value” segment - Pirelli is a global brand with deep Italian roots, famous for its cutting-edge technologies, manufacturing excellence, passion for innovation and constant focus on reducing the environmental impact.

Pirelli has always been distinguished by its international scale and now boasts 18 production plants across 12 countries, a commercial presence in 160 countries, 18,000 sales outlets worldwide and about 30,000 employees, more than 3,000 of whom in Italy. Two production plants are located here: in Settimo Torinese, the group’s most technologically advanced hub, and in Bollate, a factory that will focus on the production of bicycle tires. In line with its traditional emphasis on innovation and technology, in 2021 Pirelli invested 6% of revenues in the “High value” segment, one of the highest levels in its segment, in Research and Development. In 2021, the company recorded total revenues of more than €5.3 billion.

Pirelli is constantly engaged in sustainability initiatives in economic, environmental, and social contexts, through the reduction of its environmental impact, the production of eco safety performance products and caring about its people, including welfare initiatives for its employees and in support of local communities in the countries in which it operates. As a result of this commitment, the company has for years been ranked at the top of the world’s most important sustainability indices. For example, Pirelli is included in the Automobiles & Components sector in the Dow Jones Sustainability World and Europe indices, holds sustainability leadership in the ATX Auto Components sector in the context of S&P Global’s 2022 Corporate Sustainability Assessment 2022, and is included - the only auto automotive sector company – in the UN’s list of Global Compact LEAD companies. Moreover, it received approval from the Science Based Targets for its goals for the reduction of Greenhouse Gas (GHG) – with actions consistent with the maintenance of climate warming “within 1.5°C” after having reached the previous SBTi validated targets by the end of 2021, 4 years ahead of schedule.

With a strong presence in motor sports which began in the early 20th Century, the company is now present in more than 350 competitions and since 2011 has been the Global Tyre Partner of the Formula 1 World Championship©, for which it has renewed its exclusive partnership until 2024. In the world of sports, Pirelli is also the Global Tyre Partner of Inter and a sponsor of the leading teams in world cycling and of the FISI -Federazione Italiana Sport Invernali (Federation of Winter Sports), as well as being since 2018 the “co-title sponsor” of Luna Rossa, which competed up to the last context of the 36th edition of the America’s Cup. From 2022, in addition, Pirelli has been the main sponsor of “Alla Grande Pirelli”, the 100% Made-in-Italy Class40 in which the Milanese yachtsman Ambrogio Beccaria finished second in his category in the historical Route Du Rhum.

Pirelli has always been a promoter of dialogue between industry and the world of art and culture, and has for over 50 years published the Pirelli Calendar, which captures and interprets changing customs thanks to the greatest photographers, and supports and manages Pirelli HangarBicocca, an institution dedicated to contemporary art among the largest exhibition spaces in Europe, which presents important personal exhibitions by Italian and international artists.
Safeguarding corporate culture is the role of the Pirelli Foundation. Launched by the company and the Pirelli family in 2008, it aims to safeguard the group's historical and contemporary cultural heritage – which includes the Historical Archives that since 1972 have been protected by the Italy’s Superintendence of Cultural Heritage – and promoting its dissemination through various cultural initiatives.