Stilfar Design of Dreams

Dreams, ineffability, history.
Realm of the oneiric, of mysterious places and inaccessible secrets, the bed is a common object, but one of extraordinary significance. It is the place of intimacy, rest and affection, a place of birth and a place of parting.
From its immemorial origins, many have been the meanings and evolution of such an object in the common perception. The sleeping area has a dynamic history, as changeable as the importance it has played within dwellings: from an environment related to the last stages of the day, to the extensive use of modernity, partly because of the new habits of smart working, which have led it to become an extension of the living area.

Yet despite its importance to the quality of our lives-we spend an average of one-third of our lives on it-the bed is often seen as functional, desirable for its comfort, but ultimately associated with the mattress. In truth, its lines and geometries contribute to the creation of an aesthetic object whose utility extends beyond its practical use: the bed is a symbolic, protective and nesting object that extends its influence to the entire sleeping area.
It is in this spirit that "Design of Dreams," the competition promoted by Stilfar Italia to design a collection of furniture for the sleeping area, was born in order to promote the modern culture of this object and reinterpret its meaning in the light of contemporaneity.

Design of Dreams asks young designers to design furniture proposals that are innovative and aesthetically striking but at the same time accessible, industrializable and marketable.
This is the aim of Design of Dream, to generate beauty in the routine, in the small but fundamental daily acts such as resting and dreaming.
Stilfar Italia and YACdesign thank those who will welcome this challenge.

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