Teach on the Beach by Archstorming

Archstorming is launching a new competition in collaboration with the NGO "Teach on the Beach" (TOB) to create a new Educational Center in Busua, Ghana. The goal is to design a practical, eco-friendly, and inviting space that promotes access to TOB's educational initiatives for children and adults, fostering learning, socialization, and community involvement.

Teach on the Beach (TOB) is a Busua-based NGO that enhances students' lives through education and cultural exchange. Offering after-school programs and volunteer opportunities for international students and young professionals, TOB supports social and emotional growth and cultivates global citizenship. Under the leadership of former student William Agbo, TOB aims to build its own facilities to demonstrate its long-term dedication to the community.

After a year of planning, they acquired a plot and are currently building a classroom designed by one of their volunteers. This competition will look for designs to complete the rest of the Educational Center.

The challenge of this competition is to convert the current classroom under construction into a full Educational Center capable of hosting various activities and accommodating volunteers. Among its program, the new center will include another classroom for adults; a community space with kitchen, dining and leisure areas; eight volunteer bedrooms and outdoor spaces for relaxation and hands-on learning experiences.

The competition will focus on eco-friendly materials and easy-to-build construction techniques that are accessible to everyone. The Educational Center aims to exemplify sustainable construction practices for the local community and inspire similar projects in the area, making a positive impact on the community.

TOB has organized numerous volunteer trips involving over 500 participants from around the world. Following the competition, participants will have the opportunity to volunteer in building the winning design with TOB. The construction is planned to start this August 2023 and everyone will be invited to join from that moment on.