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The Call for application for the admission to the National PhD Programmes of the 40° cycle with administrative seat at Politecnico di Torino is open!

After reading the Call, please submit your application from the Apply@polito platform.




Application - opening date

Application - closing date

Ph.D. programmes start date


16/07/2024 (2 PM – CET time)


Doctorates of national interest are doctoral programmes designed and established by a consortium of highly qualified and internationally recognized universities and research institutions who jointly carry out training and research activities.  The main seat of work is the University/Institution funding the scholarship, with the aim of contributing to the progress of research and systematizing the skills and complementarities of partner universities and institutions.


Positions and scholarships

All the available positions for the National PhD Programmes for the 40th cycle will be published below until 5 days prior the interviews. The deadline for applying for National PhD Programmes is set for July 16th at 2 p.m. (CET)

An update of the positions available will be published below every Tuesday and Friday.

Available scholarships for the National PhD Programme in Artificial Intelligence – Industry

Research Theme

Funding Institution(s)

Main seat of work

Type of Scholarship

University of Ferrara - Enhancing Industry 4.0 with (Probabilistic) Process Mining

University of Ferrara Ferrara Theme-bound scholarship
I.N.RI.M. - Anomaly detection and forecasting in time series: environmental and space applications I.N.RI.M. Torino Theme-bound scholarship
MD 629/Transitions - University of Verona/MUR - Artificial Intelligence and Material Science (AI+MS): a New Frontier for the Generation of Innovative and Green Materials University of Verona/MUR Verona MD 629 digital and environmental transitions
MD 629/NRRP - University of Padova/MUR - Machine learning for analysis and persuasive communication generation for virtual or physical agents in Industry 5.0 University of Padova/MUR Padova MD 629 NRRP
CINECA - Human-centered AI for Educational Systems CINECA Torino Theme-bound scholarship
MD 630/Fondazione ISI - Mathematical modeling and control - theoretical approaches to forecast and contain epidemic processes Fondazione ISI/MUR Torino MD 630
MD 630/Fondazione ISI - Large Language and Multi-modal Models for human behavior understanding and outbreak analysis Fondazione ISI/MUR Torino MD 630
MD 630/Fondazione Links - Leveraging Quantum Machine Learning and Error Correction in Quantum Computing with novel technological platforms Fondazione Links/MUR Torino MD 630
MD 630/Makr Shakr - Tackling the challenges for fully autonomous manipulators in unstructured daily-living environments Makr Shakr/MUR Torino MD 630
MD 630/Leonardo S.p.A. - AI-based virtual assistant with adjustable autonomy for aeronautic applications Leonardo S.p.A./MUR Torino MD 630
MD 630/Leonardo S.p.A. - Procedural Learning from
ego/exocentric video and multimodal signals for
aeronautical application
Leonardo S.p.A./MUR Torino MD 630
MD 630 UNIAQ/RADIOLABS - Integration of AI, automation and ICT technologies for application and testing of GNSS-based geolocation systems Consorzio RadioLas/MUR/Università dell'Aquila L'Aquila MD 630
UNIBO - Optimizing the Execution of Deep Neural Networks on Edge SoCs using AI Compilers for Heterogenous Systems Università di Bologna Bologna

Theme-bound scholarship

PNRR/SERICS - Improving the security of embedded systems running AI applications Politecnico di Torino/MUR Torino Theme-bound scholarship
PNRR/SERICS - Space-Aware Safety and Security of AI Politecnico di Torino/MUR Torino Theme-bound scholarship
PNRR/SERICS - Enhancing Hardware Security in RISC-V Architecture through Artificial Intelligence Politecnico di Torino/MUR Torino Theme-bound scholarship
DM 629 PNRR/DAUIN - AI algorithms for the detection of REM sleep behavior disorder (RBD) via tachogram and other biosignals measured via wearable devices Università di Pisa/MUR/DAUIN Torino MD 629 PNRR


Available scholarships for the National PhD Programme in Materials, Sustainable Processes and Systems for the Energy Transition

In addition, n.1 PhD position without scholarship is available.

Research Theme

Funding Institution(s)

Main seat of work

Type of Scholarship

CNR-ISM - Study and development of flexible perovskite solar cells and modules



Theme-bound scholarship

I.N.RI.M. - Advanced Metrology for Materials, Sustainable Process and System for energetic transition I.N.RI.M. Torino Theme-bound scholarship
IIT - Green perovskites for photo (electro) catalytic and photovoltaic applications IIT Torino Theme-bound scholarship
Roma La Sapienza/MUR - Multiscale characterization of advanced materials and innovative devices for energy transition Roma La Sapienza/MUR Roma Theme-bound scholarship
MD 629 PNRR - Development of Piezoionic sensors and energy harvesters from bio-derived polymeric materials Politecnico di Torino/MUR Torino MD 629 NRRP
Università di Palermo - Carbon dot based-LEDs Università di Palermo Palermo Theme-bound scholarship
MD 629 Transitions/UNIAQ - Electronic properties of
topological materials and their surface excitations for the energy and environmental transition
Università dell'Aquila/MUR L'Aquila MD 639 Digital and Green Transitions
MD 630 UNICA/3SLAB - Advancements in chemical ionization mass spectrometry and in solid state sensors Università di Cagliari/MUR/3SLAB Cagliari MD 630
MD 630/VISHAY - Powering the next generation AI server – architecture and implementation of a ‘48V based’ power delivery network Vishay/MUR Torino MD 630
MD 630/NEW CLEO S.r.l. - Innovative materials for new generation of nuclear reactors New Cleo S.r.l./MUR Torino MD 630
MD 630/Vulkan S.r.l. - Development of a Digital Twin Framework for Battery and Fuel Cell-Powered Propulsion Systems in Maritime Vulkan S.r.l./MUR Torino MD 630
MD 630/Yanmar R&D Europe S.r.l.- Physical analysis and modelling for post-Li battery chemistries Yanmar R&D Europe S.r.l./MUR Torino MD 630
MD 630 Univ. La Sapienza/Carl Zeiss - Electron microscopy and nanocharacterization techniques for correlative protocols in studying advanced materials Università di Roma La Sapienza7MUR/Carl Zeiss S.p.A. Torino MD 630
MD 630 MICROLA - Study and design of LASER processes for polymers welding dedicated to innovative packaging fabrication of power electronic devices Microla Opto Electronics S.r.l./MUR Torino MD 630

MD 630/Lamicolor S.p.A. - Study of solid and volatile
materials derived from the valorization process of waste from laminate industry

Lamicolor S.p.A./MUR Torino MD 630
MD 630 SOLVAY SPECIALITY POLYMERS ITALY S.r.l. - Ion Transport Mechanism in Electrochemical Devices Solvay Speciality Polymers Italy S.r.l./MUR Torino MD 630
MD 630 UNITO/Centro Ricerche FIAT - Analysis and validation of metal anodes (Li) for solid state Li-ion cells Centro Ricerche FIAT/UNITO/MUR Torino MD 630