Admission process


International students compete for positions and scholarships with the same terms and rules of Italian applicants. Candidates who earned their degree abroad are admitted in a Ph.D. programme only if they have a Master's degree (i.e. 2nd level qualification, as defined in the Bologna process) issued by an officially recognised academic institution and granting admission in a Ph.D. programme in the country where the degree was awarded.    

International applicants can request the declaration of conformity of their academic degree to the University Board. The validity of this declaration is limited to the purpose of participating in the admission process. Applicants are required to attach to the application form the following documents (as detailed in art. 7 of the Call for Applications):

  • Bachelor's degree diploma (EQF level 6);
  • Certificate with all the exams taken in the Bachelor’s degree programme (front and back scan) or a document issued by the University including all the exams taken;
  • Master’s degree diploma (EQF level 7). If the official diploma is not available yet, a provisional one can be accepted. Otherwise, it is necessary an official document the specifies the expected date of graduation;
  • Certificate with all the exams taken in the Master’s degree programme (front and back scan). If at the final year of programme, a certificate of the exams taken - as updated as possible - with the average of final or current grades;
  • Diploma Supplement, if available;
  • Declaration of value or Statement of Comparability issued by the Italian ENIC-NARIC – CIMEA, if available.

Only the candidates who have attended a 1st or 2nd level degree course (totally or in part) at a non-European University are required to include a short explanation on the evaluation system (minimum and maximum grade for passing each exam, final grade, medium average) and the credit system to which it refers. In the event that this information is not present in the document, it is necessary to provide and attach an official statement issued by University that includes the missing information.

These documents must be:

  • issued by the University in one of the following languages: Italian, English, French or Spanish.
  • on headed paper with the stamp of the Institution that issued them and the signature of the administrator in charge.
  • electronically signed;
  • verifiable online via QR code or verification link.

Applicants who have already obtained a declaration of conformity issued by an Italian university can just attach a self-certificate to the application form. 

These documents shall be attached to the application form on the Apply@polito platform by the deadline established in the Call for Applications for admissions.

It is understood that candidates with qualifications obtained abroad must meet all the requirements specified in article 6 of the Call for Applications.