Before leaving


In order to enter Italy, foreign citizens must obtain a study visa issued by the Italian Embassy in their Country.

For this purpose, the School needs to submit a copy of the offer of admission to the Embassy where the student has applied for the visa. Therefore, applicants eligible for admission and inlcuded in the final ranking list, must confirm their acceptance of the offer of admission to the competent Embassy office.

Ph.D. candidates need to have a Social Security Number (the italian “Codice Fiscale”) in order to enrol at Politecnico. Successful international candidates, who are not living in Italy, should request their Social Security Number to the same Italian Consulate / Embassy which is going to issue their entry visa.

Applicants with a degree from a foreign institution must present the following original documents to the School: 

  • Master's degree with final grade
  • Transcript of records and exams passed at Master's level
  • English language certificate IELTS - minimum score: 5.0. The cases of exemption from the presentation of the English language certificate are indicated in the specific annex of the call.