The objective of the interviews is to assess the professional and academic resume of the applicants, their scientific and cultural interests and whether applicants have the basic competencies required to enrol in the  programme and conduct research in the field of study of the scholarship with predefined research topic.

Applicants must score at least  40 points summing the scores obtained for their qualifications and for the statement of purpose/recommendation letters in order to be admitted to the interview. The list of admitted applicants, the schedule and the modalities of the interview will be published on this page at least 5 days before the interview.

The interview can be conducted remotely, in order to allow foreign applicants to take part to the selection process. All the applicants must bring to the interview valid identification document. Failure to attend the interview entails exclusion from the selection process.

Dates of the Interview

The dates of the interviews for the admission to the PhD programme are published below.

Please note that no personal communications are sent to the candidates: the publication of the interview schedules serves as an official notification to the interested parties, who are required to constantly check the website without the need for further notices.