Transfers from Other Universities


Applicants who have attended a Ph.D. programme at another Italian or foreign University for at least one year, or applicants who have taken part in an Advanced Training or research activity, recognized by the School as equivalent to attending one year of a Ph.D. programme, can enrol in year  2 of a Ph.D. programme offered at Politecnico di Torino after receiving the prior clearance of the Academic Board of the programme. The requirements are the following:

  • equivalence between the academic and research objectives of the Ph.D. programme attended at the home University and the Ph.D. programme at Politecnico di Torino;
  • documented records of exams passed successfully at the home University and the assessment of equivalence, issued by the Academic Board, between these exams and the exams required by Politecnico for admission in year 2 of a Ph.D. programme;
  • assessment interview conducted by the Academic Board;
  • admission of the Ph.D. candidate to year 2 given by the Academic Board of the home University.

After receiving the prior clearance referred to in paragraph 1, applicants can transfer to Politecnico, provided that they submit the relevant supporting documents proving the conclusion of any commitment at the home University. Transfer applicants will enrol at Politecnico in year 2 and will not receive any scholarship.

The Academic Board of the Ph.D. programme will decide on the number of credits that can be recognized for each exam that the applicant has passed at the home University. The same Board will also assign the Ph.D. candidate a Supervisor.