Arrival in Italy


To solve any doubts, Doctoral School has written a Survival Guide - before you start. You can also find here the practical information to find an accommodation, obtain the residence permit and have a health insurance.

The annual amount of the tuition fees is determined on the basis of the Equivalent Economic Situation ISEE indicator, if the family members of the Ph..D candidate live in Italy, or the  Equivalent Economic Situation for University ISEEU indicator, if the family members live abroad. 

ISEE / ISEEU declarations can be obtained at the Centres for Tax Assistance upon presentation of the following documents:

  • Ad Hoc certificate or declaration on plain paper issued by the competent authorities in the foreign country where the income is generated, accompanied by a translation of the document into Italian. However, in case the former is difficult to obtain, a declaration issued by Italian diplomatic or representative offices, legalized by the Prefecture, is also accepted. Those certificates shall provide information on the family composition, movable and immovable property and income generated in the foreign Country. 
  • If necessary, an official certificate indicating that the person is formally stateless or is a political refugee, issued by Italian Ministry of Internal Affairs or United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees. The economic condition of the applicants will be evaluated only on the basis of the income generated and property in Italy, if any.