Scholarships with predefined research topic in "Mechanical Engineering"

Second session

Within the second session of the 39th cycle, the following scholarships with predefined research topic in "Mechanical Engineering" are available:

  1. DM117/Azimut - High hydrodynamic efficiency boat with hydrogen fueling
  2. MUR DM 117/Mollebalestra - Smart adaptive leaf springs for advanced digital vehicles
  3. MUR DM 117/Microtecnica - Fly-by-wire flight control system for commercial rotorcrafts
  4. MUR DM 118 - Offshore renewable energy underwater noise evaluation and mitigation strategies, in collaboration with Pantelleria Municipality
  5. MUR DM 117/Stellantis - Highly integrated battery system design for electric vehicles
  6. MUR DM117/Stellantis - Optimization of the interaction between battery & power electronic systems in BEVs/FCEVs through electrical, thermal and vibrational analysis
  7. DIMEAS - Multi-physics meso-scale models for the analysis and design of variable stiffness composites
  8. MUR DM 117/Edison - Robotica di servizio per attività di ispezione in ambito industriale
  9. MUR DM 117/Leonardo - Development of a prognostics and health management system for aviation industry
  10. MUR DM 117/Denso - Virtual evaluation of acoustic comfort in off-road vehicles
  11. MUR DM 117/Easyrain - Detection of aquaplaning and identification of potential friction in tyre/road contact under low grip
  12. MUR DM 117/Stellantis - High efficiency vehicles for last mile delivery
  13. MUR DM 117/Stellantis - Optimized structures and body for last mile delivery vehicles
  14. HPC-Based Domain Decomposition Methods for Turbomachinery Applications
  15. MUR DM 118 - Electrification of Urban Multi-tools Vehicles for public green areas
  16. MUR DM 118 - Design and optimization of AM metal and metal composite materials for space liquid rocket engines cooling systems applications
  17. Multifield modeling of curing for virtual manufacturing of composites
  18. DIMEAS - Numerical modelling of remote handling systems
  19. MUR DM 118 - Development of an AI based optimization tool for offshore wind farm layout optimization and informed decision making
  20. DM 117/ENI - Fatigue behavior study on floating offshore wind turbines
  21. PNRR - Integrated methods of design and validation of electric vehicle powertrain including NVH performance

First session

Within the first session of the 39th cycle, the following scholarships with predefined research topic in "Mechanical Engineering" are available:

  1. DIMEAS/Energy Center - Modelling the integration of offshore renewable energy generation and e-fuels