Scholarships with predefined research topic in "Design and Technology. People, environments and systems"

Second session

Within the second session of the 39th cycle, the following scholarships with predefined research topic in "Design and Technology. People, environments and systems" are available:

  1. MUR DM 118 - Co-design processes by digital tools for industrial design
  2. PNRR - Systemic design methodologies for a circular and sustainable Made in Italy
  3. PNRR - Evaluation, Design, Technology: Economic-environmental Sustainability from a Life Cycle Perspective
  4. PNRR - The Systemic Approach for circular agriculture: strategies for waste and by-product valorization
  5. MUR DM 118 - Development and experimentation of prefabricated building systems based on bio-based materials, promoting local supply chain in fragile territories
  6. MUR DM118 - Design and adoption of the P.E.B.A. (Architectural Barriers Elimination Plan) in the perspective of inclusive design and towards Accessibility Plan
  7. PNRR - Eco-Design strategies for the development of the support network of Climate Positive Circular Communities (CPCCs)
  8. MUR DM 118 - AI & Digital Twin to achieve digital transformation of infrastructure through innovative assessment of environmental and social sustainability
  9. DM117/Ferretti - The valorisation of the physical & digital documentary heritage of Ferretti Group's historical archives, in particular the RIVA model
  10. MUR DM 117/Vico- Territorial ecosystems for circular economy (EC). Enabling digital technologies and
    innovation strategies for the enhancement of biodiversity
  11. MUR DM 118 - The archives of design policies and cultures: the role of ICSID/WDO in constructing the identity of the contemporary design discipline
  12. DAD - A human-centred approach to an innovative design of affordable housing
  13. MUR DM 118 - SIMM_System of Information on Modern Materials: a tool for conservation and enhancement of 20th Century architectural heritage and interior design

First session

No positions available.