Scholarships with predefined research topic in "Civil and Environmental Engineering" (40th cycle)

Second session

Within the second session of the 40th cycle, the following scholarships with predefined research topic in "Civil and Environmental Engineering" are available:

  1. Ateneo - Study and modeling of the interactions between infiltration water, temperatures, and induced deformations in the karst system of the Bossea Caves
  2. Ateneo - Water Engineering
  3. DIATI - Vulnerability of road networks to climate events: simulation of traffic flows and impact assessment
  4. DIATI - Geothermal technology and geological models in the role of extraction of critical materials
  5. DIATI - Nature-based solutions for water management at building scale
  6. Ateneo - Structural robustness, health monitoring, and failure analysis with applications to civil infrastructures
  7. DIATI - Mapping of the controversies relative to the opening of new and reopening of old mines in Europe, with a spcial focus on the Italian case
  8. Ateneo - Characterization of underground fluid storage
  9. DIATI - Innovative processes for the recycling of lithium-ion batteries
  10. DIATI - Representation of Extreme Precipitation Events and of Mesoscale Convective Systems in Very High-Resolution Global Climate Models
  11. DIATI - Applied Environmental Engineering (1)
  12. DIATI - Applied Environmental Engineering (2)
  13. DIATI - Monitoring of the Alpine environment and glaciers with geomatic techniques
  14. DM 630/SINA - Safety assessment of reinforced concrete and prestressed reinforced concrete structures
  15. CRT (ISSNAF) - Electrochemical strengthening of soils in the context of coast protection
  16. CRT (ISSNAF) - Design and Research to Enhance Alternative Materials (DREAM)
  17. DIATI - Complex network-based analysis of transport processes and connectivity in multi-thread rivers
  18. ASI/OGS/DIATI - Tuning and climate sensitivity of the ECEarth global climate model with simulation of synthetic radiances
  19. PNRR/RETURN - Development of methodologies and tools for large-scale hydrological data analysis and visualization
  20. DM 629/Transizioni digitali e ambientali - Revolutionizing Infrastructural Asset Management: Enhancing
    Sustainability, Resilience, and Efficiency
  21. DM 630/SMAT - Hydrodynamic methods to minimize clogging in membrane systems working in cross-flow