Requirements for applicants from other universities

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Below you can find the admission requirements for our Master's degree programmes

If you have a Bachelor’s degree awarded by another Italian university, you must have a weighted average grade of all the exams equal to or greater than 24/30 to be admitted to all PoliTo Master's degree programmes (regardless of the number of years it took you to graduate), except for the Master's degree programme in Ingegneria Gestionale/Engineering and Management, which requires an average grade equal or greater than 25/30.  

Average grade required for all the Programmes except for Ingegneria Gestionale/Engineering and Management

≥ 24

Average grade required for Ingegneria Gestionale/Engineering and Management

≥  25

The weighted average grade is calculated on all accrued course credits (graded on a scale of 30) counting towards the achievement of the Bachelor’s degree, after having subtracted the worst 28 credits.
The weighted average is calculated as follows: S(grade*credits) / Scredits

Please note that Politecnico does not accept applicants whose average grades  are below the required average grade (even slightly below) as numbers will not be rounded.

There are no additional admission tests for applicants who do not have the required average grade, with the exception of the following Master's degree programmes:


  • Communications Engineering
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Electronic Engineering
  • ICT for Smart Societies
  • Materials Engineering
  • Nanotechnologies for ICTs
  • Civil Engineering

Below you can find a breakdown of the rules and admission procedures for applicants with an insufficient average grade for the above-mentioned study courses . TABLE  


Each degree programmme requires a minimum of credits in specific Scientific Disciplinary Fields (SSD) divided in: 

  • first group minimum 40 credits in specific SSD 
    • 45 credits are required for admission to the Master’s degree programme in Mathematical Engineering 
  • second group minimum 60 credits in specific SSD
    • 20 credits are required for admission to the Master’s degree programme in Agritech Engineering

The detail about the CFU/SSD required is published in the TABLE and in the Degree Programme Teaching Regulation

Each course can be linked to one or more Scientific Disciplinary Fields (SSD). The credits of the SSD found both in the first group and in the second group are primarily counted for the first group. The remaining ones are counted for the second group. The credits of the same subject can be counted partly to reach the minimum number of credits of the first group and partly to reach the minimum number of credits of the second group.

If you lack less than 10 credits the supervisor in charge of the evaluation for the degree programme will consider if there are similarities among the Scientific Disciplinary Fields and provide guidance. If you lack more than 10 credits, the evaluation of the similarities will be subject to the final approval of the Coordinator or the Vice coordinator of the degree programme.

If you have chosen a Master's degree programme that is different from your Bachelor's degree programme, the result of the evaluation will be available in about 10-20 days.

If you do not meet the curricular requirements, you will have to make up for your unfulfilled curricular requirements (credits) before you enrol in the Master’s degree programme you have chosen. You can:  

  • enrol in single courses in order to make up for your unfulfilled curricular requirements  (consult the section dedicated)
  • enrol in a Bachelor’s degree programme if your unfulfilled curricular requirements are worth more than 60 credits. 


 The Professional Bachelor’s degree programme in INDUSTRIAL MANUFACTURING TECHNOLOGIES is characterized by a lower number of credits in Engineering core subjects compared to the curricula of other Bachelor’s degree programmes. Therefore, applicants with a degree in INDUSTRIAL MANUFACTURING TECHNOLOGIES (L-9) who intend to enrol in a Master's degree programme of the Engineering area are required to enrol in single courses or in a Bachelor’s degree programme in order to make up for their unfulfilled curricular requirements.

PLEASE NOTE: in compliance with the Regulations of the degree programmes of Politecnico, the curricular requirements for admission to a Master's degree programme are evaluated based on the Bachelor’s degree submitted by the applicant during the application process. The Scientific Disciplinary Fields associated with the credits earned by an applicant during additional learning paths (e.g. additional Bachelor’s degree, single courses, etc.) do not count towards the credits threshold for first group or second group subjects. In this case, it is up to the supervisor to evaluate the credits earned by the applicant during their additional learning path.

Single courses taken at Politecnico di Torino to make up for unfulfilled curricular requirements are an exception: the Scientific Disciplinary Fields of single courses taken at PoliTo will be automatically counted towards the attainment of the minimum number of credits required in the two groups.

You are required to have an English language certificate (B2 level - according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages: Learning, Teaching, Assessment - CEFR).

Politecnico di Torino takes into consideration the following table of certificates accepted in substitution for IELTS 5.5 in order to assess your knowledge of English (B2 level): . The reference table is the "Table dated 23/09/2019  and updated on 22/12/2022".


Admission decisions are not based on the date of your language certificate but only on your language level.

Cases of exemption

PLEASE NOTE: you can see your language certificates (obtained through the CLA and/or outside Politecnico) on your personal page of the Teaching Portal - Apply@polito portlet. This information is available under your personal data. Admission decisions are not based on the date of your language certificate but only on your language level.

What to do if you do not have the language certificate

If you already know that you will not meet the language requirements by the enrolment deadline of the first semester, but you meet the other admission requirements, you can enrol in single courses (consult the section dedicated)  by 24/11/2023 and buy one or more first-year, first-semester courses of the Master's degree programme that you would like to apply for.

By enrolling in single courses, you can take the IELTS exam organized by the CLA (Politecnico Language Centre) and pay a reduced exam fee compared to the fee normally charged by external institutions.

As soon as you get your English language certificate, you will be able to enrol in your Master's degree programme by the deadlines and validate the first-semester courses that you had bought as single courses.