Past years pre-enrolment

The Pre-enrolment procedure applies to all non-EU applicants living outside Italy who need a student visa type-D to enter Italy for enrolment at an Italian university. If you fall under this category (you can check here), along with your application to Politecnico di Torino, you MUST also submit a pre-enrolment application online through the UNIVERSITALY portal.


All information on how to complete the pre-enrolment application is available on the Universitaly portal. 


  • Enter your personal information exactly as in your passport
  • Enter the Politecnico di Torino Username (FXXXXXX) in step B
  • Select the programme you have been admitted to (Warning: you may not find the English-taught programme in the Universitaly menu. Please consider as official the language of instruction reported in the Confirmation of Eligibility letter and official academic offer)
  • Upload the Confirmation of Eligibility letter available (around April) in the MAIN section of your PoliTO application; if you forget it don't worry, we will upload it during our validation
  • Upload the documents listed here and check with the diplomatic-consular Missions of reference if other documents are required.

The Statement of Validity/ CIMEA Statement of Comparability is not necessary at this stage but the diplomatic-consular Missions may need it for the visa application. To learn about CIMEA services for certification and verification of qualifications and request a Statement of Comparability please register on

Please be accurate in filling in the pre-enrolment application so that we can speed up the validation procedure.

The deadline to submit your universitaly application is 31st July 2023.


We are going to validate your universitaly validation only if:

  1. you are ELIGIBLE for the Master's degree program me you have selected as explained here
  2. you earned the Bachelor's degree required for admission


Once the pre-enrolment application is validated by PoliTO you should promptly arrange for a visa application for study purposes at the diplomatic-consular Missions in your country of residence (part IV English version available soon). This visa is necessary to enter Italy and complete the enrolment procedure. Please note that Unitalia Association can assist you in the pre-enrolment and visa application process, you may refer to Uni-Italia Center in your country if available.

WARNING! Requirements for visa release (such as language requirements) at the Italian Embassy in your country might differ from PoliTO requirements. It is your responsibility to comply with both the Embassy and PoliTO requirements.

In case your student visa is denied, you cannot complete the enrolment procedure at Politecnico di Torino.


  • the pre-enrollment application is the first step for the issuing of student visa type-D. The “Confirmation of eligibility letter” given by Politecnico does not replace in any case the official pre-enrolment procedure which must be done only through the UNIVERSITALY portal
  • the preliminary acceptance by the university does not confer any right to obtain a visa
  • the subsequent pre-enrolment phases will be completed at the Diplomatic-consular missions for the purpose of obtaining the visa

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