Call for proposals AmbientAzioni Torino 2023

Aims and objectives
The Iren Territorial Committee of Turin, within the framework of its aims of implementing concrete initiatives for the environmental and social sustainability of the territory, promotes a call for proposals aimed at young people aged between 18 and 26 years old and at primary, secondary and junior high schools, aimed at selecting up to a maximum of three projects related to: the saving of energy and water resources, the reduction of waste production, the reduction of CO2 production and the mitigation of and adaptation to climate change, and the environmental enhancement of the territory of the Turin Metropolitan City area.

Design fields
The purpose of the call for proposals is to design tools, actions and activities in the following areas:
  1. Awareness raising and education on saving energy and water resources and reducing waste production ( merely as an example: information campaigns, educational tools);
  2. Monitoring and evaluation of energy, water and municipal solid waste production consumption and recommendations for their optimization ( merely as an example: ways of measuring current consumption and proposals for smart consumption). Special attention will be paid to circular economy projects;
  3. Improvement of water, environmental and energy performance within small communities, such as schools and associations ( merely as an example: APP or energy efficiency analysis with targeted methods and/or tools);
  4. Reduction of energy resource consumption and CO2 production through innovative mobility projects;
  5. Proposals for improvement in terms of mitigation and adaptation of climate change to which our territory is exposed;
  6. Environmental enhancement of the territory of the Turin Metropolitan City area for the conservation of biodiversity and the development of natural heritage
  • This call for proposals makes available a total of €25,000, which can be allocated to the realization of up to three projects, with a minimum value of €3,000.
  • For any group design elaborations, only and exclusively the name of the proposing group leader will be taken into consideration, to whom any award for the realization will then be assigned. Iren S.p.A. will not be in any way and for any reason held responsible and/or involved in the internal dynamics of groups of subjects proposing the selected project elaborations.
  • In the case of projects submitted by School Institutes, the contribution will be recognized exclusively to the School Institute.
  • Recognition for the realization of the projects will be disbursed - after verification of the concrete technical, economic and regulatory feasibility of the same - in several solutions: the first at the outcome of the call for proposals and the subsequent ones as the project progresses, according to a number and timing that will be defined by the jury in relation to the characteristics of the project.
Public presentation of selected project designs
  • The selected projects will be presented through a special communication campaign aimed to inform the community of this call for proposals' outcome.

The Iren Territorial Committee of Turin is available for any further clarification at the following e-mail address: