International call for researchers for Leonardo Labs recruitment.

Launched Leonardo's new Sustainability Research Area, part of the Leonardo Labs network, the new area dedicated to developing studies and research on the topic of sustainability in both production processes and the development of new technologies, products and services of the company with a direct impact on the environment and society

The main lines of activity of the new research area will be:
  • Decarbonizzazione di prodotti e processi produttivi;
  • Circolarità e Life Cycle;
  • Riduzione impatto ambientale dei processi industriali;
  • Tecnologie digitali per la Sostenibilità;

In this research area, Leonardo is looking for researchers who have gained scientific work experience in one or more of the following domains:
  1. Battery recycling and end-of-life scenarios: extend the life cycle of critical battery components with the aim of pursuing the circular economy and avoiding the use of conflict minerals;
  2. Circularity of composite materials: identify new methods for recycling composite materials, with the aim of creating a supply chain that covers the entire recycling chain;
  3. Identifying new alternatives for chromium plating in industrial processes: Evaluate and identify industrial processes where the use of chromium plating can be eliminated;
  4. Products’ life cycle assessment: Develop the life cycle assessment method in the model of developing, deploying and managing the after-sales of new Leonardo products;
  5. Sustainable aviation fuel scenarios and tests: perform an analysis on the Leonardo product portfolio; run use cases on machines to certify aircraft flight using a mixture of SAF in increasing proportions;
  6. Green computing & green coding: improve the sustainability of the computing and coding activities of Leonardo through the optimization of proprietary codes, and open source codes;
  7. Efficiency of public transportation: exploit the data recorded in the equipment already installed in the bus fleet managed by leoanrdo, with the aim to improve thee local public transport and reduce the emission of CO2;
  8. Satellite data for water stress analysis: evaluate with deep insight the water risk on Leonardo business, based on available hydrologic and statistic models and software on the market.The objective is to provide the esteem of the water stress of Leonardo sites. Other activity with satellite data can be coduct in term of biodiversity evaluations.
To apply for open positions, simply fill out the application form and send it along with your CV to