Borse a tematica vincolata di "Ingegneria Chimica"

Seconda sessione

Nell'ambito della seconda sessione del 39° ciclo, sono disponibili le seguenti borse a tematica vincolata per il corso di dottorato "Ingegneria Chimica":

  1. PNRR - Direct electrocatalytic conversion of CO2 from flue gases to value-added products
  2. MUR DM 118 - Lyophilization of biological liquids for preclinical testing in the treatment of rare diseases
  3. MUR DM 118 - In-operando spectroscopic analyzes and modeling tools applied to oxidation catalysts in the environmental field Funded
  4. MUR DM 118 - Development of innovative Antimicrobial bionanocomposites from natural macromolecules for the wounds treatment
  5. MUR DM 118 - Nanoparticelle e modelli cellulari 3D e loro modellazione per lo studio di terapie avanzate di nanomedicina
  6. MUR DM 118 - Strumenti digitali e corrispettivi biologici per la diagnosi e terapia avanzate nell'ambito della nanomedicina
  7. MUR DM 117/Stellantis - Experimental and PxD modelling study of sulphur cathode and metallic Li protection for LiS cells
  8. MUR DM 117/Stellantis - Analysis of green and critical raw materials for automotive components
  9. MUR DM 118 - Artificial intelligence for accident and indident data analysis for the benefit of prevention at the workplace
  10. MUR DM 117/Technip - Assessment of CO2 capture and conversion routes to valuable products in different applicative sectors
  11. MUR DM 117/Solvay - Next-generation of membranes for PEMEL and AEMEL electrolysis
  12. FBK - Development and validation of multiphysicsmultiscale models and digital twins for redox flow batteries
  13. DISAT - Water-based production of high energy lithium-ion cells
  14. DISAT - Kinetic analysis and reactor modeling of aqueous phase reforming fro the production of renewable hydrogen
  15. MUR DM 117/Probiotical - Emerging technologies for the continuous manufacturing of probiotic strains for the prevention of complex diseases
  16. PNRR Ammin/Vortex - Valorization of agri-food waste byproducts for innovative products in cosmetics,
    nutraceuticals, food, and green chemistry

Prima sessione

Nell'ambito della prima sessione del 39° ciclo, sono disponibili le seguenti borse a tematica vincolata per il corso di dottorato "Ingegneria Chimica":

  1. DISAT - Understanding the mechanism of crystallization at interfaces
  2. DISAT - Development of novel soft materials to improve food sustainability and nutritional properties