Young researchers call for proposals - ERC information page

Principal Investigator with an ongoing ERC Starting grant, won under the Horizon 2020 or Horizon Europe framework programs, in a foreign Host Institution, can choose an Italian HI to transfer the ERC project and submit to the Italian  Ministry of University and Research (MUR)a new complementary proposal. If selected for funding, will allow the PI to benefit from an additional 1 million EUR and a position as Associated Professor.


The applicants are PI with an ongoing ERC Starting grant, won under the Horizon 2020 or Horizon Europe framework programs, still active with a non-Italian Host Institution on the 11.10.2022. Researchers can be of any nationality with 2-7 years of experience since completion of PhD (ref. date 23.08.22). The same exceptions apply as in the ERC European calls for maternity, illness etc.


The maximum grant that may be requested per proposal is 1.000.000 €

New project proposals must:

  • be carried out over a maximum period of 36 months ending no later than 31.5.26
  • be complementary or consequential to the original ERC project, belonging to the same scientific disciplinary macro-sectors covered by the ERC grant
  • foresee a mobility experience for the PI not exceeding 6 months to conduct research or teaching activities in another national or international institution
  • allocate at least 20% of the financial contribution to infrastructure investments
  • allocate no more than 20% of the financial contribution to the recruitment of at least one additional fixed-term researcher.


  • By 15th of September: interested Italian host institutions must communicate to the Ministry (MUR) their available vacant positions in specific scientific fields to host ERC grantees. PoliTo opens positions for the following ERC panels: PE2, PE3, PE4, PE5, PE6, PE7, PE8, PE10, PE11, LS4, LS5, LS7, SH3, SH5, SH7.
  • Within 25th September: MUR will publish the vacancies from all the Italian universities.


  • By 11th of October: ERC grantees will have to submit electronically to the MUR, via the platform, a proposal complementary or consequential with respect to their current ERC
  • The Principal Investigator must choose up to 3 vacant available positions, indicated by the Host Institutions
  • Each application must include:
    1. the project registry form related to the ERC project
    2. the cover sheet relating to the new (complementary or consequential) research proposal
    3. the economic-financial plan (5A), needed only for projects with the total contribution higher than or equal to €200.000. For amounts lower than €200.000 the funding is given as a “lump sum”
    4. the ethics self-assessment (3A)
    5. mandatory attachments: ID card, ERC Evaluation Summary Report, GA number, ERC project, The project proposal (6A), CV of the PI, Declaration DNSH (2A)
  • Application templates are available at the link


The Ministry will send to each Institutions the proposals to be evaluated through internally appointed evaluation committees. The HIs will send to the MUR all the evaluation reports and the ranking lists for each vacancy declared. MUR will define the national ranking list and assign the positions. In case ERC grantees are ranked first in more than one ranking list, the Ministry will assign them to the Host Institution indicated in the highest position, in the order of preferences.

The Notice and its Annexes are available at the link

For support for candidates choosing POLITO write to: