Life Division (Services for the University Community)

This Division coordinates and supports all activities and services aimed at improving the quality of life of the whole University Community. The staff in this Unit supervise and manage the activities and services for welfare, organisational wellbeing, assistance for the disabled and Specific Learning Disorders (DSA) people, international guests reception and welcoming, language support and implementation of equal opportunities. They support student associations and teams and work in synergy with the CUG and the Administrative Departments involved in the processes.

Senior Domain Expert People & Diversity Management

Senior Domain Expert
The role involves tasks related to design and support in the implementation of services and initiatives aimed at assisting and supporting individuals in all the areas of the Division's activities, with a particular focus on: reception and inclusion; overall organizational and individual well-being (psychological well-being, support in countering violence, etc.); promotion and coordination of awareness actions on Diversity Management, also in collaboration with institutional contacts and the CUG; support in coordinating and implementing activities related to the population with special needs, with particular attention to the student population; support in various selection phases for PTAB with special needs, aiming to facilitate their optimal integration into the organizational structures that host such individuals; participation in inter-university networks and working groups on relevant topics.She collaborates closely with institutional entities responsible for various dimensions of activity and external parties involved in delivering specific services. The goal is to provide necessary inputs for the implementation of action plans on relevant issues, as well as to monitor their implementation and progress.

Domain Expert Equal Opportunities

Domain Expert
He coordinates all actions aimed at drafting of the Gender Equality Action Plan and Gender Balance and monitoring, as well as monitoring its implementation, in liaison with the PEPS Department.

Domain Expert Special Needs

Domain Expert
She coordinates the services provided to support persons with disabilities and Specific Learning Disorders (PoliTo students and staff), by working in sinergy with staff from other departments with the aim of defining and handling specific actions (admission tests, exams, setting up of premises and classrooms, compensatory tools, etc.).She cooperates with PROGES and CALOS on issues related to facilitated accessibility for people with limited mobility.

Domain Expert Welcome

Domain Expert
She deals with welcome activities addressed to the whole academic community (students, faculty, doctoral candidates etc.), such as cultural mediation, buddy programmes, housing activities, and administrative procedures related to entry into Italy.

Domain Expert Welfare, Wellbeing and Services for the University Community

Domain Expert
She manages all services aimed at improving the quality of working life, such as welfare pocket money, health insurance, museums, travel tickets and passes, assistance for the elderly, a counselling service, babysitting, baby parking and nursery services, subventions, in liaison with the CUG and in cooperation with Administrative Departments involved in the processes.