STUDI Department - Student, Education and International Affairs

Deputy Head


In this Department, staff handle the following activities: providing students with a wide range of support services; dealing with the promotion, design, development and course delivery related to the I and II level degree programmes with particular attention to internationalization, right to education, quality and innovation issues; enhancing the quality of life of the whole University Community, from reception services and job placement, to the wellbeing and organisation of welfare activities, to the concrete/real implementation of equal opportunities; as far as the STUDI Department’s responsibilities are concerned, dealing with the organizational aspects of Doctoral programmes by working in synergy with the other divisions/units/offices; managing University Honour Programmes; being in charge of Teaching Lab activities in the enhancement and development of institutional education; coordinating the activities of the University Language Centre (CLA).

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In staff

Senior Domain Expert Compliance

Senior Domain Expert
He is responsible for verifying the statements and affidavits produced by students, as well as verifying student’s ISEE certification.He coordinates anti-corruption activities, transparency and privacy in the STUDI Department.He supports the drafting and updating of the Regulations related to education.He manages the activities of the Disciplinary Committee and the relations with the University Student Ombudsman with the support of the Office of the University Registrar and Tuition fees Unit.

Domain Supervision - Internationalization Networks and Policies

Senior Domain Expert International Relations

Senior Domain Expert

She ensures the implementation of international standards in education processes, supporting those involved in the internationalization of education policies.She supervises the activities of the university networks for higher education, both at national and international level.She coordinates the University's international projects and actions that have an impact on education issues and collaborates with the other structures/departments/divisions/units and staff from the STUDI and RIMIN Departments in the development of international activities.

Domain Expert Relations with China

Domain Expert

He coordinates initiatives and actions “with our partners in China, in cooperation with the Divisions of the STUDI Department (in particular with the Innovation and Development of Education Unit, the International Mobility Unit and the Recruitment and Admission Unit) and the RIMIN Department.


Lecture Timetable Unit

Head of Staff Unit

This Unit works together with the Student Administrative Services and Registrar Divisionto define the academic calendar and supports the scheduling of: lectures, computer laboratory activities, exams and graduation sessions; staff in this Unit cooperate with: the persons in charge of Lecture Timetables Planning for the Collegi of the Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree Programmes, the CALOS Department in relation to classroom logistics, as well as to the day-to-day management of the academic calendar.

Internal organisation