PROGES Department - Building Heritage, Design and Construction and Workplace Safety


The Department supervises the development of the building heritage and the conservation of the existing buildings, by ensuring the planning, coordination and implementation of the interventions contained in the so called “Three-Year Programme of Works for Building Construction”, in strict collaboration with the Program Management Team and the Masterplan Team, and with particular attention to the issues of sustainable architecture, technological innovation for building energy and energy management of real estate assets. The Department supervises the management of the University spaces/premises acquired or granted for use to third parties, public or private, within the framework of institutional, research and technology transfer agreements, and is in charge of the active and passive real estate contracts. It supports the Rector and the Director General in the field of health and safety in the workplace, by indentifying measures for the safety and healthiness of environments.

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In staff

Program Management Office PMO

Senior Domain Expert Management of Procurement, Design and Verification Information Processes

Senior Domain Expert

He supervises the management of procurement, design and verification information processes, in accordance with the regulations in force, and adopts specific methods and tools for information modelling of the building heritage.With the support of staff working in the single units and with the Executive, He is in charge of all activities related to the drafting of standards documents, training plans for the Department’s staff, acquisition and maintenance of digital management hardware and software tools.

Senior Domain Expert Program Manager

Senior Domain Expert

He is the contact person who coordinates and provides support to the Masterplan and Programme Management Teams. He performs this task through project management and business plans specific guidelines and supervises specific projects both at strategic ad operation levels with the aim of submitting financing proposals to public and private bodies. He coordinates at a central level all information on these projects in real time, by sharing these details with the Executive so that He reports back to the University bodies.

Senior Domain Expert Maintenance Budget Manager

Senior Domain Expert

She works within the PMO to provide support to the PROGES Department for the the planning, scheduling, and monitoring of the projects related to the building heritage conservation and management. She provides support in the budget planning for extraordinary maintenance works and in the planning of ordinary maintenance, as well as for building management, based on the estimated needs defined by the RUP/PM.


Secretariat Unit

Head of Staff Unit

The Secretariat Unit is in charge of supporting the activities performed by the Department’s Divisions as well as by the Executive, in particular as liaison person within the Department for the achievement of objectives, in relations with other Administrative Departments for joint projects and/or activities. Staff in this Unit supervise logistical and equipment needs of the Department and liaise with the Divisions in charge.

Internal organisation