Relationships with businesses

Sharing innovation for the region

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The University's desire to be an actor at the forefront of socio-economic regional and national development has led, over the years, to developing and articulating different approaches with businesses, depending on the purposes and respective fields of interest and needs.

The new Relationships with Companies and Research Enhancement service increasingly presents itself as a reference point for the economic fabric and does so through a series of services and initiatives devised to facilitate matching between the great wealth of research produced at the university and the innovation needs of the productive world.

Observing the national context, the universities and research centres become key parties in supporting companies, in particular small and medium enterprises, which are not structured to innovate alone. In fact, the so-called “Fourth Industrial Revolution” entails an increasing need, on the part of companies, to generate and adopt innovative processes and products to continue to be competitive. 

Maintaining solid relationships with the industrial world and creating new ones is essential in order to create reciprocal opportunities along the whole supply chain: when generating ideas, training, developing technologies, and enhancing industry and the economy. 

To respond to corporate needs in resolving even complex problems, Politecnico offers flexible and interdisciplinary research and consultancy services, which rely on top facilities and on the development of human capital, including being able to successfully win funding from European, national, and regional programmes. 

The companies, organisations, and associations that feed the region’s economic fabric with their activities discover, in the University, a party open to dialogue and collaboration, which offers multiple opportunities to meet stakeholders' actual needs.

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The opportunities

  • Partnership Agreements: these are agreements that concern collaboration to undertake projects of strategic interest on diverse issues and lasting several years. 

  • Support in identifying and protecting intellectual property deriving from funded/collaborative research.
  • Consultancy, Testing, and Calibration Contracts, Research Contracts (Third Parties).
  • PhDs in collaboration with companies: a period of research training, with the development of projects implemented in collaboration with the companies and the involvement of sector experts in the training activities.
  • Advanced apprenticeship training: an alternative path across education at the university and work experience in a business for the facilitated integration of highly specialised staff. 
  • Placement service: offers companies the chance to intersect demand/supply to best respond to their needs and the expertise of graduates leaving the university. 
  • Internships and theses in a business: an information and reception service for internship and/or work requests that come from companies and students/graduates.
  • Development and exploitation of technologies developed from university research (licensing/sale of patents and other property rights). 
  • Collaboration for participating in international, European, national, and regional research projects. 
  • Challenge@PoliTo_by Firms: following the current evolution of technology transfer, which is moving from the conventional “inside-out” paradigm towards an “outside-in” system of sharing knowledge, businesses are now very active in proposing challenges that concern real-life concrete problems. The challenges are addressed to Master’s degree students and stimulate the blossoming of the innovation ecosystem, encouraging the hiring of creative talents, and the spread of innovative solutions within businesses that launched the challenge. 
  • The chance to share spaces inside the “Cittadella Politecnica” (Politecnico Main Campus) including by setting up joint laboratories.