Industrial or Executive Ph.D.


Politecnico di Torino can activate Industrial Ph.D. programmes based on agreements or consortia involving companies, including foreign ones, engaged in qualified research and development activities.

The research topics that characterize the industrial Ph.D. programme give particular importance to promoting economic development as well as the production system by simplifying the execution of joint projects based on research themes and on the activities of the Ph.D. candidates.

Calls for application to industrial phd programs, in line with the guidelines established at European level and in accordance with the national system's development strategies may:

  1. specify particular requirements for conducting research activities, such as interdisciplinarity, participation in international networks, and cross-sectoral collaboration, with particular reference to the business sector;
  2. allocate a portion of the available positions to employees of Companies or affiliated organizations engaged in highly qualified activities, admitted to the Ph.D. programme after passing the selection process.

Companies also have the opportunity to implement "Executive programmes" to train their employees who are already engaged in their roles. The employee continues to work for the Company while simultaneously enrolling in a Ph.D. programme at the Politecnico di Torino.

In order to proceed, it is necessary to establish an agreement between the University and the Company, define the program and the methods for conducting the research activities at the Company, the allocation of the employee's overall commitment, the duration of the Ph.D. programme, as well as the contributions and costs of the service.

The employee is admitted to the Ph.D. programme after successfully passing the admission process.