Funding Ph.D. scholarships

Companies can cooperate with the Doctoral School to develop joint training and research activities on research topics of common interest that may become the subject of a specific project for a Ph.D. programme. By funding a scholarship, companies can:

  • develop a long-term research project carried out by a Ph.D. candidate under the supervision of Politecnico faculty members and researchers;
  • connect with Politecnico di Torino and get easy access to its laboratories and researchers;
  • start working with an entry-level researcher, who could be an important human resource to invest in at the end of the Ph.D.programme in order to consolidate the benefits of the research project.

The Ph.D. candidate engaged in the research project is chosen after a public selection process and attends a doctoral research programme ending with a PhD degree.

The options for funding a Ph.D. position are one-year, two-year or three-year funding.

Company-funded scholarships are made available for competition in accordance with the regulations currently in force and in particular, with the provisions of the Doctoral Research Programme Regulations of Politecnico di Torino. 

One-year or two-year funding

Companies interested in co-funding one or two years of a Ph.D. scholarship made available by a Department of Politecnico di Torino, must send a co-funding proposal (one-year scholaship, two-year scholarship), which will be followed by a specific agreement for the number of years they intend to finance (one-year scholaship, two-year scholarship).

One-year scholarship must be paid in one single instalment, while two-years scholarships can be paid in one instalment or in two annual instalments.

The annual minimum amount is  € 30.143,01, of which € 25.143,01  are intended to cover the scholarship itself plus a € 5.000,00 lump sum for general expenses connected to the Doctoral programme, including possible increases in the scholarship amount for periods of study and research abroad.

To co-fund a scholarship (one or two years) companies need to contact the Department in charge, which is required to accept the co-funding proposal and sign an agreement.

Three-year funding

Companies interested in funding one or more Ph.D. scholarships must send a funding proposal which will be followed by a specific agreement. Ph.D. scholarships can be paid in one instalment or in three annual instalments.

A three-year scholarship amounts to 90.429,03 of which € 75.429,03 are intended to cover the scholarship itself plus a € 15.000,00 (minimum € 5.000 per year) for general expenses connected to the Ph.D. programme, including possible increases in the scholarship amount for periods of study and research abroad. To fund a three-year scholarship, please contact the Ph.D. Programmes Hub at this email address

Deadlines and templates

The deadlines for the funding of a doctoral scholarship in the 40th cycle are the following:


Deadline for signing the Agreement (40th cycle)

First session 15th April 2024
Second session 2nd September 2024
Third session 13th January 2025