Employing with apprenticeship contracts


A Ph.D. programme in apprenticeship format is a particular training programme which combines doctoral studies with apprenticeship, connecting the university and businesses. Newly graduated students, aged less than 30, can be hired by a local company: they will develop a project jointly supervised by the company and by Politecnico, achieving the degree of Doctor of Philosophy at the end of the programme.

The Ph.D. programme in apprenticeship format represents an opportunity for the companies to conduct research and employ young talents, while for universities it represents a new channel to establish steady partnerships with local companies and to contribute to strengthening the competitiveness of the productive system.

Ph.D. projects in apprenticeship format may be annual, biennial and triennial and the employers will get tax benefits.
The local government of Regione Piemonte supports apprenticeship, as an evidence of demand for innovation and knowledge from companies, and it finances additional activities to increase the knowledge of corporate affairs.

For additional information and to express interest in the programme, please contact dottorato.apprendistato@polito.it.