ARIA Office in staff to the Director General - Institutional Relations, General Affairs and Archives

Deputy Head


This Office is in charge of institutional activities to support the University Governance through the management and supervision of some University cross-cutting activities.The staff in this Office re responsible for institutional activities and support the Rector and the Director-General in their mutual relations with the University Bodies, Executives and University departments/offices/units; the Office is in charge of institutional visits and events’ ceremony and reception protocols. In this Unit staff also manage relations with Crui, Codau and other national and international bodies.The Office deals with the official appointments and election processes (different university bodies and commissions/sub-commissions etc); they supervises the preliminary activities related to the University Statute and Regulations, as well as their drafting and publication; staff also support Academic Senate and Board of Governors’ activities.The Office manages, at a central level, the negotiation of contracting with public and private third parties, as well as the University’s controlled entities, providing technical-legal support to all University departments/divisions involved. Staff in this Office also are in charge of the document life cycle from an integrated perspective, deal with dematerialization processes, historical archives and scientific collections. The Office is in charge of the concession of spaces procedure and provides support for the authorisation, management and implementation process of the University events, acting as a liaison with the requesting parties and the other University Departments.

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In staff

Senior Domain Expert Institutional Relations

Senior Domain Expert
He is in charge of the institutional relations’ activities supporting the Rector, Deputy Rector and the Director-General in the exercise of their representation institutional functions with international, national and local partners and institutions. He coordinates reception activities, in compliance with ceremony protocols, including reception of international delegations and provides support for conferences and events in which important authorities are participating. He supervises relations with the Prefecture and the Police Force in synergy and collaboration with the CALOS Department.

Domain Expert Events

Domain Expert
She is the liaison person who deals with - in cooperation with the Officer in staff to the Director-General - University events with the requesting parties and with the other University Departments in relation to the nature and subject matter of the events.

Administration and Budget Staff Unit

Head of Staff Unit

This Unit supports all Office’s divisions, the University Attorneys Unit and the Officer, deals and monitors administrative activities, staff management, procurement and budget planning. At an organizational level, the Unit works in synergy with the all the Administrative Departments involved, as far as logistical aspects and office supplies are concerned.

Rector and Director General's Secretariat Unit

The Unit provides organizational support to the Rector, the Deputy Rector and the Director-General, as well as Vice-Rectors and Delegates activities and with the Management Board. The staff in this Unit carry out secretarial activities by dealing with calendars, agendas, organizing business trips and drafting institutional documents. They manage communication activities, as well as internal and external institutional relations; they are in charge of organizing University Rector’s Conferences and deal with the Rector’s drivers working activities.

Domain Expert Assistant to the Director-General

Domain Expert

She is the Director-General’s trusted person in charge of the University internal and external relations, on behalf of the Director-General. She organizes the Director-General’s internal and external commitments, taking care of relational aspects.She provides support for activities related to the Management Board and the Anti-Corruption and Transparency Group, in cooperation with the Officer in staff to the Director-General.

Domain Expert International Institutional Activities

Domain Expert

She is the trusted liason person providing support to the Rector and all members of the Rector’s team for institutional relations within an international context; She supports the Senior Domain in Institutional Relations in the organization of international delegations’ visits. She works to contribute to the standardization of institutional official documents from Italian into English and provides language consultancy, editing and revision services on texts written in English.


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