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The onboarding meeting is a two-hour meeting organized by the Career Center with the objective to welcome and guide newly-recruited Research Fellows and fixed-term Assistant Professors.

The onboarding meeting is an institutional welcome meeting in which the University presents its organizational structure, figures, collaborations and research strategies. But above all you will learn about the services and offices that support research and career planning inside and beyond academia.

In addition to the face-to-face presentations, you will have the opportunity to meet the people involved in the services described and also to get to know colleagues from other departments in an informal setting.
The on-boarding event takes place twice a year and targets fixed-term Assistant Professors (RTD/A) and Research Fellows hired in the last semester.

Participants will be contacted by e-mail.

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«Coaching is a partnership process aimed at achieving goals defined with the Coachee. Coaches’ professional actions facilitate Coachees in improving professional and personal performances through the enhancement of their resources, personal capabilities and professional skills. These influence the strengthening of results and more generally of the Coachees' wellbeing. (UNI standard 11601)»

You can speak to a professional about your professional goals and skills in order to boost your career.
You can meet with an occupational psychologist who can help you to find a growth path to boost your resources and to achieve your goals.
You will be supported in the search for a broader dimension of awareness in which you will be able to make your own choices autonomously and to become accountable for your actions in order to achieve your personal accomplishments.

The course consists of 4 on-hour meetings.

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Individual Development Plan – IDP

Individual Development Plan

The Individual Development Plan – IDP is an essential tool in academia and research. It is an online document that Research Fellows can fill out on their personal page.

It is designed to help you plan and pursue your professional and personal development. Drawn up in collaboration with your Scientific Supervisor, the IDP makes mutual expectations clear and helps you plan your career path, not only the academic one, by defining and monitoring the objectives that you want to achieve.

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Support for individual and basic research funding


Politecnico di Torino supports career development and helps researchers apply for basic and individual research funding and for mobility grants (e.g. ERC, MSCA, PRIN, FIS, FISA, EIC Pathfinder, COST).

For more information write to and consult the pages on the website.

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