General Affairs, Budget and Management Division

The Division supervises cross-functional processes of management, administration, and support required by the the Department and its users. It supervises the processes of the general secretariat, administration and staff management, document management and logistical needs.It supervises the Departiment's administration and accounting processes, including the procurement procedures for goods and services, budget planning and management within the Department, as well as reporting and payment operations.

Senior Domain Expert General Affairs

Senior Domain Expert
She coordinates and supervises the processing of practice to be submitted to the Universities Bodies; she analyses proposals for institutional agreements affecting the areas within the purview of the Department; she supports the administration and staff management activities; she supervises and coordinates the document management processes; she coordinates the mapping, analysis and process improvement activities, also with a focus to digitisation.

Senior Domain Expert Planning and Control

Senior Domain Expert
She coordinates financial planning, budget management and monitoring activities; she supervises credit enrollment activities; she plans and supervises goods and services purchase and manages the related procurement procedures in collaboration with various Divisions; she supervises the payment processes; she supervises the ministry-specific indicators; she coordinates the financial reporting activities for projects managed by the Departement.

Domain Expert Budget e Rendicontazione Iniziative Finanziate

Domain Expert