Cybersecurity & IT for Research Division

In the field of Cybersecurity, the Division supports the CISO (Chief Information Security Officer) in steering, planning, coordinating and monitoring IT security with regard to data, systems and infrastructures.Within the field of IT for Research, staff in this Division are responsible for the implementation of innovative approaches in the application of IT technologies, as well as for promoting proactivity and transversality and enhancing the use of leading technologies for research, digital transformation, innovation and compliance.The Division provides computing and storage tools to the academic community, defines standards for the University's IT architectures, promotes Open Source, and participates in national and European research network initiatives.

Senior Domain Expert HPC

Senior Domain Expert
He manages HPC (High Performing Computing) infrastructures, system upgrades and the integration and installation of softwares. He promotes the adoption of new solutions, supports users, identifies best practices and optimises the use of software in order to make the best use of resources and parallel computing capabilities. Moreover He supports the experimental joint teaching activities at Doctorate level to highlight the possibilities offered by the University's HPC Services.

Domain Expert Cloud Cybersecurity

Domain Expert
He studies and manages the security posture, Cloud Security Posture Management, of data, applications, Services and infrastructure hosted on the cloud.