PEPS Department - HR, Research and Development



The Department is in charge of the University's human resources recruitment and development of planning.The Department develops strategic management and decision-support analyses and tools to the University Bodies.The Department supervises Quality Assurance and Assessment activities and deals with the integrated planning of activities, process improvement of the effectiveness of the administrative actions.

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In staff

Senior Domain Expert Employees Relations

Senior Domain Expert
She handles trade union relations.

Senior Domain Expert Strategic Assessment and Reporting

Senior Domain Expert
She supervises the development of Business Intelligence tools and supports the University Centro Studi in charge of strategic analyses.She supervises various academic rankings and coordinates data collection processes. She handles, with the cooperation of the academic departments in charge, the three-year planning, the analyses of Polito positioning within the university system and the definition of criteria for the internal allocation of resources, as well.

Administration and Budget Staff Unit

Head of Staff Unit (ad interim)

The Unit supports PEPS Department in secretarial activities, as well as in managing budget (with the exception of staff plan) and procurement activities. The Unit handles the purchases of goods and services, budget planning and monitoring. Staff in this Unit liaise with the Departments responsible by domain/field/in charge for the Department's logistical and miscellaneous equipment requirements.

Internal organisation