CALOS Department - Campus Management, Logistics and Sustainability

Deputy Head


The Department develops projects and provides technical and managerial support for initiatives on the University Campus.In particular, the Department is responsible for the environmental and social challenges/goals promoted by the UN 2030 Agenda, monitors their impact on the Campus at different levels, and guarantees the supervision and coordination of activities related to sustainable transitions within the University.The Department manages University premises and deals with the provision of services and supplies for all University’s users.It supervises the technical-managerial activities of University research infrastructures and interdepartmental centres; it coordinates the activities of accreditation and improvement of the quality systems of the University laboratories and manages tests and calibrations directly for some of those.It also supports the project initiatives identified by the Director-General also with Program Office and Program Management activities.

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In staff

Domain Supervision - Sustainable Transition Development

Senior Domain Expert Sustainable Transition Development

Senior Domain Expert

She supports the University Governance and the Director-General in the development of the University's strategy on /topics related to sustainable transitions, taking part in networks and projects on sustainable development issues in the STEM field. She participates in the Programme Management of initiatives, dealing with the planning and coordination phases of the activities. She is in charge of the planning and administrative activities of the PoliTO Energy Center.

Domain Expert Energy Center

Domain Expert

She supports the planning and administrative activities of PoliTo Energy Center. She deals with the relations with the companies established in the EC and is in charge of the application procedures related to calls for expressions of interest, liaising with the other University departments and offices for communication and promotion of these initiatives.

Administration and Budget Staff Unit

Head of Staff Unit

The Staff Unit supports the Department’s Divisions and the Executive as for staff management and document management IT system.The staff in this Unit deal with the budget management, monitoring and planning and with goods and services procurement in cooperation with the Department’s Divisions. It coordinates all the necessary procedures for planning, procurement of premises and related services, administrative management of space concessions for internal and external events.

Internal organisation