Intellectual property


The ownership of industrial and intellectual property rights, resulting from research activities conducted by Ph.D. candidates, is regulated by the provisions on industrial and intellectual property rights set out in the University Regulations, and by the rules contained in the agreements signed by Politecnico with third parties. 

Unless otherwise provided for in the agreements signed with third parties, all industrial and intellectual property rights resulting from research activities in which Ph.D. candidates may be involved will be the exclusive property of Politecnico di Torino.

Unless otherwise provided for in copyright legislation, and without prejudice to the moral right of the Ph.D. candidates who have made an invention and have been recognized as the inventors, Politecnico is also the exclusive owner of the property rights resulting from the invention. In the event of commercial exploitation of an invention, Ph.D. candidates have the right to receive a one-off compensation calculated on the basis of the their contribution to the invention.