Computer Labs, Workplace and Collaboration Softwares Division

The Division designs, develops and manages the main hardware and software services, based on the integrated use of workstations (PDL), fixed and mobile, physical or virtualised, by users both in physical locations and remotely. It oversees the design, distribution and usability of software applications for individual productivity and for specialised uses, software used for teaching in laboratories, and is in charge of the implementation of campus-wide software agreements.

Domain Expert Windows Systems and Collaboration Softwares

Domain Expert
He coordinates all system components, managed in conjunction with and with domain support of infrastructure Services, security and application development. He supervises the configuration, management and evolution of Windows Enterprise systems and the Microsoft365 cloud platform (Office365, Teams, Exchange Online, Exchange on premise, etc.).

Physical and Virtual Computer Labs Unit

Head of Unit

The Unit coordinates the management and development of the physical (LAIB) and virtual (vLAIB) computer lab platform, supporting users and supervising the operational management of LAIBs and printing and plotting services.Staff supervise the design and management of central systems supporting workplace platforms as well as the management of campus-wide software licences.In cooperation with other Departments, they manage the PDLs (Workstations) of the Library, CLA and classrooms and the IT systems supporting the technological installations.

Collaboration Softwares and Workplace Unit

Head of Unit

The Unit manages Services based on IT hardware and software by providing support to Level II users to supplement the Service Desk. It oversees the experimentation, development and promotion of collaboration Services for University users, also by supporting training actions in collaboration with the Administration offices in charge of staff training development.It provides IT systems to support institutional events.