IT Assets Division

The Division is in charge of the design, development and management of the centralised IT infrastructures, on which all the IT Services managed by both administrative and academic departments are based.In particular, staff in this division is in charge of design/coordination, implementation, ordinary and evolutionary management of: information systems and technological and telematic infrastructures, computational and storage systems, University's data and telephony network and geographical connections (WAN) and to the Internet. Staff supervise the development and innovation of IT and Data Centre infrastructures and of interconnection infrastructures to the Italian research network (GARR).The division provides support for the University's technological planning and support for the definition of standards for the University's IT architectures and implementation techniques.

Senior Domain Expert IT Systems Design and Coordination

Senior Domain Expert
She is the contact person as for cross-departmental project initiatives by contributing to the coordination of all system engineers in the Department. She manages the life cycle of specific projects of the Division in collaboration with the heads of the units and supports the development and innovation of infrastructures on specific initiatives. She is in charge of the requirements check, planning and transversal management of projects connected with the technological component of computing and storage systems, for projects of the Cybersecurity & IT for Research Service.She supports the heads of other Divisions of the Department and staff with systems expertise in projects with cross-sectoral impact.

Telecommunication Networks and Data Center Unit

The Unit supervises the University's telecommunications network infrastructures and Data Centres. It supports the design, configuration and management of the network infrastructures and the Data Centres (local network, MAN, WAN, WiFi, GARR POP, fixed telephony and central stations).Staff in this Unit are in charge of supervising the implementation of network infrastructure, in coordination with the PROGES Department.They provide advice and support in identifying optimal solutions for events or projects.

IT Software and Hardware Systems Unit

The Unit is in charge of the design, management and evolution of the hardware and software platforms on which the University's IT Services are based. It manages the server virtualisation infrastructure; it provides virtual desktop and private cloud computing resources and system support; it supports the computing and storage infrastructures for the LAIBs; it manages the University's storage and SAN infrastructure; it provides data Backup & Restore Services and manages Basic Network Services. It provides user support and expert advice within its competence fields.