D.ET - District of the Department of Electronics and Telecommunications

He/she coordinates the administrative activities of the Department in order to ensure an effective connection between the activities of the Department and the general management guidelines of the University. He/she puts in place the management methods established by the Director-General. He/she provides support to the Head of Department and to the Director-General in order to ensure that the Department works at its best, including the Strategic Plan of the Department, thus implementing the institutional missions and the Strategic Plan of the University. He/she ensures the liaison with the Co.Re.Ge (District Managers Network) and with the 1st Level Reference Facilities for various areas of activity. He/she supervises the implementation of the organizational model of the District defined by the Director-General. He/she is also the "Facility Manager", appointed in accordance with current legislation and with internal regulations. In this area, the District Manager adopts all necessary measures within his/her responsibilities; he/she is responsible for the procedures within his/her competence; he/she is responsible for ensuring that the measures adopted are correct from an administrative, technical, and regulatory point of view, also regarding the authorization process for payments under the Head of Department's competence; he/she is in charge of reporting and implementating plans, programmes and directives from the Bodies of the Department; he/she supports the Departmental Committees; he/she is responsible for any budget variation referring to the types specified in the University Regulations; he/she supports departmental quality assurance processes; he/she collaborates in designing innovative solutions aimed at improving services in coordination with the Director-General; he/she is responsible for managing the administrative staff; he/she initiates and handles any disciplinary proceedings for minor infractions/violations that involve verbal reprimand and he/she activates the Disciplinary Proceedings Office (UPD) for other infractions that involve additional sanctions, as specified by current regulations.For compliance and responsibilities related to safety and health in the workplace, please refer to the specific University Regulations.

Please refer to the table "Classificazione delle attività in ambiti e sotto-ambiti dei Distretti" attached to Director-General Decree 3060/2023 for the details of the activities carried out in the Departmental Districts.

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In staff

General Affairs Staff Unit

Head of Staff Unit

The Staff Unit coordinates the following activities: management of transversal administrative processes of the Department involving the participation of the General Secretariat, the management of Departmental Bodies, the mangament of research staff - including Ph.D. programmes - Communication, and the Third Mission. The Staff Unit supports the District Manager and the Head of Department. The Head of Staff Unit is responsible for the procedures and ensures that the administrative, technical, and regulatory documents produced by the Unit are correct.

Internal organisation