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Curricular internships for Enterprising Project


Politecnico di Torino offers the chance to participate, from the 2020/21 academic year, in the ENTERPRISING Project - Path for Innovative Engineers, Architects, Planners, Designers: a tool for strengthening the training of students via experimental teaching initiatives oriented at developing a planning approach in line with the goals of the 2018-2024 “PoliTO 4 Impact” Strategic Plan.

Starting from the experience gained as part of the Project for Young Talents, students are offered a three-year teaching programme that is highly innovative and parallel to the conventional degree course that involves exploring ad-hoc issues and initiatives that supplement the conventional study plan.

The project addresses 200 students of the Engineering Area* and 40 students from the Architectural Area (Architecture, Territorial, Urban and Landscape Planning, and Design and Communication), who are selected based on specific merit requirements.

The students selected will be included within multi-disciplinary teams with the goal of developing interdisciplinary, interactive activities oriented at problem solving and the development of the soft skills, needed to effectively interact within a heterogeneous group and in complex organisational and inter-organisational contexts.
The culture of sustainability and social impact will be an integral part of the training path.

The project will involve business partners via the launch of curricular internships. This activity remains, in fact, an irreplaceable experience that enables students to acquire their first professional orientation tools, making the expertise they acquire concrete.

Offering quality internships to our students is not only an important occasion for interns' education, but also a profitable opportunity for businesses to meet excellent students coming from our university.

The internships may have a minimum length of 200 hours (8 credits) up to a maximum of 350 hours (14 credits) depending on the degree course in which the students are enrolled.

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*except for the degree programme in Industrial Production Engineering and the professional degree programme in Technologies for the Manufacturing Industry.

Internships for Professional Bachelor's Degree Programme

tecnologie per l'industria manifatturiera
tecnologie per l'industria manifatturiera laurea professionalizzante

It is possible to offer internships for students of the Professional Bachelor's Degree Programme (“Laurea Professionalizzante” or LP) in Industrial manufacturing technologies
More detailed information on the programme is found in the pages of the
education offering.

The Professional Bachelor's Degree provides for the internship as a founding part of its path: in particular, it is required that students undertake an internship at a business for 200 hours in the first year, 400 hours in the second year, and 750/800 hours in the third year.

If you are interested in the initiative, we invite you to submit new offers for internships in the first, second, or third year to the university teaching portal. These internships will, indicatively, start between February and April and may be going on up to and including September.

The procedures are very simple:
- register and/or access with your username (
direct link);
- publish a curricular internship offer addressed to the “professional degree” (“laurea professionalizzante”) course:

  • First-year internship (200 hours) - > Submit your internship offer for the first year to receive student candidates who are attending the first year of the LP degree programme;
    n.b.: the first-year student will have the opportunity (but not the obligation) to repeat the experience at your business with subsequent internships in the second and third year;
  • Second-year internship (400 hours) - > Submit your internship offer for the second year to receive student candidates who are attending the second year of the LP degree programme;
  • Third-year internship (750/800 hours) - > Submit your internship offer for the third year to receive student candidates who are attending the third year of the LP degree.

Politecnico di Torino is available to help you in managing internship proposals. For assistance with the portal registration procedures, business agreement, internship launch, you can contact the Job Placement Office sending an email to