Special needs

veduta d'insieme di persone stilizzate

The Special Needs unit, which strongly cooperates with the other university offices, is the contact point  for all people who, in their different roles, are part of the Politecnico community – student and staff population- and who live in a difficult situation due to problems of temporary or permanent disabilities. The goal is to improve working conditions or make a personal contribution to overcome physical, perceptual, communicative, virtual, cultural barriers.

Among the already carried out or on-going projects for Polito staff, there are: a dialogue space, which is "platform" created to encourage communication between workers interested in disability and / or with disabilities, personal assistance, still in an on-going phase, and the delivery of meals in office for health reasons, reserved for staff who, for health reasons, cannot go independently to the canteen.

The Rector's Advisor for the support initiatives to the assistance, the social integration and the rights of disabled people is Prof. Daniela Bosia who is in charge of coordinating, monitoring and supporting all the initiatives necessary for the integration of disabled students and/or with special needs within our University. The Diversity Manager in charge by the University operates with the aim of activating actions to enhance and respect all the diversities present in the organizational context.


For Staff

Some dedicated resources:

An open platform, in which disability is told and sharing going beyond the concept of inclusion.

  • Assessment questionnaires

Related to the services offered by the Special Needs Unit, in reference to the student population with SpLD and disabilities, referring to the academic year 2019/20:

User satisfaction survey regarding the services of the Special needs Unit, Students with Disabilities 

Indagine User satisfaction survey regarding the services of the Special needs Unit, Students with SpLD

  • Agenda della disabilità

Politecnico adhered to the all'Agenda della disabilità, to which it contributed by participating in the thematic work tables. Founded in 2001 thanks to the CRT Foundation and the Council for People in Difficulty, the Agenda saw the active collaboration of different components of the realities of the Piedmont and Aosta Valley: experts, testimonials and parts of civil society, professional organizations, academic, banking foundations, third sector.