Mesut Dinler

Ph.D. in Beni Architettonici E Paesaggistici , 30th cycle (2014-2017)

Ph.D. obtained in 2018


Building the Heritage: Politics and Historic Preservation in Turkey from the Nineteeth Century to the 1980s


Rosa Rita Maria Tamborrino


Research interests

Architectural heritage
Architectural history and theory
Beni culturali
Cultural heritage
Digital humanities
Patrimonio culturale
Patrimonio urbano
Storia dell'architettura contemporanea


Mesut Dinler, received a PhD in Architectural and Landscape Heritage Program at the Politecnico di Torino. He was involved in various international conservation projects, including projects managed by the Getty Conservation Institute, the Association for the Protection of Cultural Heritage, Historic Charleston Foundation with US/ICOMOS. As assistant professor with time contract, he is currently involved in the management of heritage-related research projects, including those funded by the European Commission. He is the 2022 ICCROM fellow. His research interests include urban and architectural history, political and social role of cultural heritage digital humanities. On these topics, he has published in several international journals - including Urban History, Sustainability, J. of Cult. Her. Manag. and Sust. Dev., Int. Jour. of Hist. Archaeo., Aistarch, ArcHistor - and is the author of the book “Modernization through Past” (ETS, 2019).

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(Area 0008 - Civil engineering and architecture)

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