PhD Full-Degree Candidates


Ph.D. Full Degree Candidates are interested to go for a POLITO Ph.D. course leading to obtain a POLITO Ph.D. Degree.

If you are a Ph.D. Full-Degree candidate, you can choose among different courses here at POLITO and be involved in our most advanced research activities.

We usually open our call for application between mid-January and mid-February. Please visit our Doctoral School to get more information about the procedures and the requirements for the application and the admission. Within the call, you will find specific information about the POLITO – PHD – CHINA Project, offering special conditions to CSC applicants. Our colleagues at the Doctoral School ( will be glad to give you the information you need.

If your PoliTO application is successful, you will obtain an invitation letter before the CSC deadline. Such letter will be valid to apply for a CSC scholarship and, if successful again, your name will be included in the list we receive from CSC. We will contact you, and you will be ready to start the procedure for the VISA application and enrolment.

Please visit our Doctoral School and contact our colleagues at the Doctoral School for more information.