The world of Research

Politecnico di Torino is a “Research University” that is particularly focused on the balanced development of fundamental and applied research. The Departments coordinate research in four macro- areas: Industrial Engineering; Information Technologies; Management and Matemathics for Engineering; Civil and Environmental Engineering, Architecture and Industrial Design. The vocation of Politecnico for high quality research is expressed in the pursuing of three main strategic objectives:

  1. Promoting high quality research and the talent of researchers
    The University is committed to improve the quality of scientific production and the participation in national and international research funding opportunities through strategic projects and initiatives. The focus of the University to ensure a positive and engaging environment for researchers from all over the world has been awarded by the European Commission with the logo "HR Excellence in Research".
  2. Increasing the impact of research on society
    The new frontiers of scientific and technological research and higher education require a deeper cooperation with the socio-economic system. This technological transfer leads to the achievement of knowledge sharing.
  3. Strengthening an international scientific community
    Politecnico di Torino has built an efficient and constructive dialogue with the international research community, it implements actions aimed at attracting academics and researchers from foreign institutions and promotes outgoing mobility, in the perspective of strengthening qualified relations with foreign universities and research centers.

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