Joint programmes

As part of its internationalisation strategy, Politecnico di Torino promotes the development and activation of highly integrated international study programmes aimed at the award of a double or joint degree.

These programmes, also known asJoint Programmes, are delivered by a consortium of universities in different countries and involve alternating studies in partner institutions, with duration and content defined by each consortium.


Study courses delivered jointly with international partners

The curriculum is jointly designed with the partner universities.  Lectures are usually provided by all participating institutions, with study periods of defined duration and content, alternated in the partner institutions. At the end, a single degree, jointly delivered by the partner institutions, or more often than not a multiple degree (national degrees of the institutions) may be awarded.


Politecnico is a partner in several Joint Programmes funded by European institutions:


Erasmus Mundus Joint Master

Erasmus Mundus Joint Master’s programmes are Master’s degree courses of excellence, offered jointly by at least three universities in three different countries.
The study activity takes place in at least two countries and, at the end of the course, a double, multiple or joint degree is awarded by the institutions involved.
The European Commission offers prestigious scholarships to selected students.


EIT – KIC Innoenergy

The European Institute of Innovation and Technology promotes the creation of joint programmes between university institutions with the aim of integrating the education dimension into the innovation network: