Application submitted with the deadline of September 22nd at 2:00 p.m. (Italian time) that satisfy the minimum requirements will be evaluated by the selection committee.


Step 1 Evaluation of applicants’ qualifications

The selection committee will asses the applications according to the following critieria:

  • academic background (bachelor's degree, master's degree and other postgraduate or professional training activities);
  • evaluation of the Curriculum Vitae (professional experience and specific professional experience in one of the project management roles);
  • English language level (language certificate attesting the minimum level required ora successful interview, certificate attesting a level higher than B2).


Step 2 Motivational interview

The Selection Committee will interview the applicants who meet the admission requirements, to assess their motivation and any previous experience that may be relevant. 

Applicants who do not attend the interview are automatically excluded from the selection process.


For details about the selection process please refer to art. 4 of the Call for Applications. Those who haven't achieved yet their bachelor degree will be admitted under conditions. Applicants who do not score at least 60 point in the two steps will not be admitted.