Executive courses

Gruppo di studenti ad un corso specialistico presso la sede Lingotto di Scuola Master

The School offers Advanced Education and Professional Development Courses aimed at strengthening specific professional skills.

These courses have a flexible and efficient teaching-learning methodology, which alternates lectures in the classroom and application laboratory sessions. The peculiarity of these courses is the transmission of advanced knowledge, deriving from our Faculty members’ research skills and technology transfer competences. This added value has been leading an increasing number of public institutions and private enterprises to choose Politecnico di Torino as the training centre of excellence for their HR development policies.

  • Advanced Education Courses offer specialized knowledge in the field of cutting-edge, complex and multidisciplinary subject matters. They are mid-term or long-term courses and may grant academic credits (ECTS). They are normally intended for participants holding a university degree or with an equivalent background and professional experience.
  • Professional Development Courses have a short duration and cover well defined subject matters. They are designed for different kinds of participants, depending on the level of in-depth analysis (professionals and experts, recent graduates from university or high school, newly hired employees, etc.). In some cases, these courses may grant academic credits (ECTS).

Enrolment procedures for Lifelong Learning courses are available on the websites of each single activity.